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Improving Life at Home Starts
in our Facilities

Whirlpool facilities exemplify modern manufacturing — they are full of innovation, technology and individuals dedicated to being the benchmark for global manufacturing excellence. Through our operations, we deliver best-in-class manufactured products at a competitive cost and create a sustainable advantage for our company. These outcomes are driven by World Class Manufacturing (WCM), a comprehensive methodology for improving productivity and quality, as well as reducing losses in production systems. The implementation of real-time data and analytics, along with artificial intelligence and connectivity among equipment continues to make our manufacturing and distribution network stronger, delivering best-in-class operational excellence.

These outcomes are driven by our operations teams, who look after the safety of our employees and ensure that resources are used responsibly in manufacturing our products. Our employees — whether they come to work in an office, manufacturing facility, innovation or testing laboratory, distribution or restoration center — share a singular mission: to improve life at home for the consumer.

We know our ability to operate in the future depends on continuing our commitment to make products with purposeful innovation and without leaving a negative footprint, helping us to protect the planet, our employees and the communities in which we operate. We establish a high standard of sustainable operations across our many types of workplaces through a set of management systems and standards.

World Class Manufacturing (WCM)

is our system for improving productivity and quality and reducing losses across the company through committed employee involvement and rigorous application of methods and tools.

  • Safety
  • Cost Deployment
  • Focused Improvement
  • Autonomous Maintenance
  • Workplace Organization
  • Professional Maintenance
  • Quality Control
  • Logistics & Customer Service
  • Early Equipment Management
  • People Development
  • Environment

We Care Commitments

“We Care” Environment, Health, Safety, Sustainability (EHSS) Management System is the operating framework that helps ensure a workplace that protects our people, preserves the environment and enables the business and our people to act sustainably. These commitments are the shared responsibility of every Whirlpool employee.

We Care

Environment, Health, Safety, Sustainability