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sasb disclosure

Consumer Goods Sector — Appliance Manufacturing
Sustainability Disclosure Topics & Accounting Metrics
Topic Accounting Metric Category Code Unit of Measure 2023 Response
TopicProduct Safety Accounting MetricNumber of
(1) recalls issued and
(2) total units recalled
CategoryQuantitative CodeCG-AM-250a.1 Unit of MeasureNumber 2023 Response(1) One voluntary product safety recall issued and zero involuntary product safety recalls issued1
(2) ~2,500 total units recalled1
Accounting MetricDiscussion of progress to identify and manage safety risks associated with the use of its products CategoryDiscussion and Analysis CodeCG-AM-250a.2 Unit of Measuren/a 2023 ResponseOur Products
Accounting MetricTotal amount of monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with product safety CategoryQuantitative CodeCG-AM-250a.3 Unit of MeasureReporting currency 2023 Response$4.0 million2,3
TopicProduct Life Cycle Environmental Impacts Accounting MetricPercentage of eligible products by revenue certified to the Energy Star program (North America) CategoryQuantitative CodeCG-AM-410a.1 Unit of MeasurePercentage (%) by revenue 2023 Response23.23%4,5,6
Accounting MetricPercentage of eligible products by revenue certified to an Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) sustainability standard CategoryQuantitative CodeCG-AM-410a.2 Unit of MeasurePercentage (%) by revenue 2023 Response0% in 2023, due to competing retailer sustainability labels and lack of usage in marketplace by our retailer customers.
Accounting MetricDescription of efforts to manage products’ end-of-life impacts CategoryDiscussion and Analysis CodeCG-AM-410a.3 Unit of Measuren/a 2023 ResponseOur Products
  1. In September 2023, a voluntary recall was issued for ADC brand stacked commercial clothes dryers sold direct from Whirlpool Corporation or through authorized ADC distributors from April 2012 through February 2023, affecting approximately 2,500 units in the U.S. For more information on the voluntary recall, refer to the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) statement.
  2. In August 2019, Whirlpool Corporation and the CPSC announced a voluntary recall of cooktops that could present a fire risk to consumers. Whirlpool Corp. proactively brought the issue to the CPSC’s attention promptly after first identifying the risk and discontinued sales of the product. After a successful recall campaign, the CPSC issued a notice to Whirlpool Corp. that it no longer needed to monitor the campaign and closed the case. Despite these diligent efforts, the CPSC chose to investigate the timeliness of the company’s initial reporting of the issue and pursued a civil penalty against Whirlpool Corp. To resolve the matter, in 2023 the parties decided to settle the dispute which resulted in a civil penalty of $11.5 million. Despite the decision to settle this issue with the CPSC, Whirlpool Corp. maintains that the company acted appropriately once the issue was identified, including by promptly notifying the CPSC and providing all relevant information related to the risk.
  3. Total amount of monetary losses is reported net of insurance reimbursements in excess of Whirlpool’s self-insured limit.
  4. In 2023, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accelerated the implementation of Energy Star version 7 for residential dishwashers. As Whirlpool Corporation identified significant consumer performance and cost tradeoffs associated with Energy Star version 7, a number of previously Energy Star‑certified residential dishwashers across Whirlpool Corp. brands lost this certification, adversely impacting the percentage of eligible products by revenue certified to the Energy Star program. Whirlpool Corporation maintains that residential dishwashers sold under Whirlpool Corp. brands currently available on the market represent a consumer-focused mindset that benefits the consumer as it relates to product efficiency, cost, performance and utility, and will continue to focus on product innovation to drive efficiencies without sacrificing the consumer experience.
  5. Excludes products sold or intended for sale outside the United States, licensed products not manufactured nor sold by Whirlpool Corporation and Whirlpool manufactured products sold under the following brands Admiral, Crosley, IKEA, Kenmore, DACOR and Ingles.
  6. Revenue used to calculate the percentage of eligible products certified to the Energy Star program does not reflect sales incentives or allowances for product returns, which are recognized as a reduction of revenue when accounting for net sales in the Consolidated Statements of Income. See Notes 1 and 2 to the Consolidated Financial Statements for additional information on accounting policies and revenue.