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Over the past two years, Whirlpool has transformed our portfolio to focus on higher-margin and higher-growth businesses, and is focused on leveraging the strength and opportunities of our unique brand portfolio.”

Marc Bitzer
Chairman and CEO,
Whirlpool Corporation

In all that we do, Whirlpool Corporation is guided by our history. Over more than a century in business we’ve responded to the conditions and challenges of the day — while also imagining how our products can set the stage for the future.

A long tradition of innovation

To take just one example, Upton Machine Company — the business that would one day become Whirlpool Corporation — introduced the first electric motor-driven wringer washing machines in 1911, unlocking a step-change in how families spent their time at home. Six decades later, the technology had advanced and so had we. We transitioned to fully automatic washing machines that provided consumers with even more ease and convenience. Another generation after that, in 1998, Whirlpool launched the Resource Saver washer, an industry-first energy- and water-efficient top-load machine. The average clothes washers built today use nearly 78% less energy than those built in 1992, while their capacity has increased by 60%. These appliances are also manufactured more sustainably than ever before, in facilities that use less energy and water and generate less waste.

Beyond innovating new products for consumers, we’ve also adapted our business over time to win in the marketplace. Over the past two years, Whirlpool has transformed our portfolio to focus on higher-margin and higher-growth businesses, and is focused on leveraging the strength and opportunities of our unique brand portfolio. Underlying this transformation is a mindful consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. We believe that executing on priorities like reducing waste, increasing transportation efficiency and fostering a strong, safe and engaged workforce will not only enhance our environmental and social performance — but also they will improve our margins and business growth.

2023 offers numerous examples of this continuous spirit of innovation. We announced our breakthrough SlimTech insulation technology, which will soon allow us to reduce the thickness of JennAir and KitchenAid refrigerator walls. This means refrigerators with potential for greater storage capacity, less energy use and quieter operation — as well as insulation materials that can be recycled at the end of an appliance’s life. We’ll build these appliances at our newly expanded plant in Ottawa, Ohio, where our investments have created over 100 additional jobs. We’re also making steady progress toward our Net Zero scopes 1 and 2 emissions target by 2030, as well as embedding principles of circularity into the design of our products from the start.

What a better life at home means to us

Whirlpool Corporation’s enduring vision is to improve life at home, and we mean these words in every sense. We improve life at home when we create products that are safe, efficient and convenient to use, taking the hassle out of everyday tasks. We do it when we focus on our employees’ safety and well-being, providing them with roles that bring fulfillment and purpose to their work. And we do it when we help people achieve their dreams of moving into a home for the first time or help their homes to be climate change-resilient (Learn more about this work with Habitat for Humanity).

Just as our past laid the foundation for where we are today, our actions in 2023 position us for further progress in the years to come. Over the past year, we:

  • Reduced our scopes 1 and 2 market-based greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by ~25% compared to 2022
  • Operationalized two virtual power purchase agreements, which, when fully operational, are expected to cover 100% of the electricity consumed by our U.S. sites
  • Achieved zero waste to landfill (ZWtL) Gold level at two new manufacturing sites and maintained ZWtL Gold or Platinum Level at all other global manufacturing sites
  • Donated $144 million and over 242,000 products to Habitat for Humanity
  • Completed 143 climate-resilient and energy-efficient builds through Habitat’s BuildBetter with Whirlpool initiative

In this 2023 Sustainability Report, you can learn more about all of these initiatives — along with many other ways that we continue to build a business that is more sustainable and improves lives at home, as well as on our planet, for generations to come.


Marc Bitzer
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer