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Caring for Our People and Our Communities

We understand that the work we do is inextricably linked to the communities where we operate, the environmental resources we rely on and the individuals who work in our offices and plants. We also know that our products are much more than just appliances that make life more convenient. Clean clothes can help keep kids in school. Innovative product features free up time for families to spend together. Appliances that use less water and energy lower the burden on local resources, and well-designed homes contribute to communities that can be more resilient to the effects of climate change.

Our approach to caring for our people and communities reflects this holistic understanding of well-being and the interconnectedness of our work. This means we are highly invested in our employees’ career journeys, their overall well-being and the quality of life in our communities. In 2023, we continued to make progress on our commitments by expanding resources that promote professional growth and an inclusive environment and by investing in community projects to help everyone thrive.