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Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion and Diversity has been an Enduring Value at Whirlpool for decades. We believe in creating a culture of inclusion where all employees feel a sense of belonging. This means feeling welcomed, valued, respected and heard. Our efforts to appreciate all perspectives and backgrounds enable us to understand our diverse consumer base, improve our products so they can be used by everyone and make our communities stronger. Our Value of Inclusion and Diversity includes focused actions to build a diverse workforce, an inclusive workplace and a vibrant ecosystem.

Inclusion and Diversity is one of Whirlpool Corporation’s Enduring Values and a critical priority for us. We know that we can only succeed with a culture where everyone feels welcomed, heard, respected and valued, and where the diversity of our workforce represents that of our consumers.”

Carey Martin
Executive Vice President and
Chief Human Resources Officer


A workforce that represents our diverse consumer base at all levels of the organization


A culture where every employee feels a sense of belonging; they are welcomed, valued, respected and heard

VIBRANT Ecosystem

Strong and inclusive communities, brands that reflect and celebrate our consumers and partners who value Inclusion and Diversity

Visit our Policies Page to review our Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment policies and see our global employee representation in our 2022 EEO-1 report. 2023 EEO-1 data will be updated once available in 2024.

Progress on Our Racial Equality Pledge

In 2020, Whirlpool committed to an action-based pledge focused on equality and fairness, with specific workstreams focused on actions we can take within our company and our communities. Since the announcement of this pledge, we have invested in programs that help drive sustainable, positive impact for employees and local communities. Among many efforts across the company which are detailed on our website, highlights of our actions in 2023 include:

Emma Jean Hull Flats in Benton Harbor

On June 17, Whirlpool Corporation celebrated the opening of Emma Jean Hull Flats, an 80-unit waterfront development in Benton Harbor, Michigan, funded completely by Whirlpool Corporation. This housing development, named in honor of Benton Harbor’s first Black female mayor, builds on her legacy to revitalize, rezone and redevelop traditionally underserved neighborhoods in Benton Harbor. The units are open to everyone and require those who live there to be permanent Benton Harbor residents for the duration of the minimum 12-month lease to maximize the positive impact on the city’s tax base. Some units are reserved for “Hometown Heroes” — public service workers such as educators and first responders. The multi-family development reached over 95% capacity less than six months after opening.

Juneteenth Day of Impact

Over 120 Whirlpool employee volunteers collaborated with Neighbors Organizing Against Racism and the city of Benton Harbor to revitalize Broadway Park during a memorable “Day of Impact.” Improvements to the park included a new 40x50 turf field, repairs to playground equipment and newly added and expanded sidewalks. A new memorial monument commemorates June Woods, an enslaved person who escaped during the Civil War and became an important figure in Benton Harbor history as a successful entrepreneur. The 2023 Day of Impact was a continuation of our efforts to revitalize city parks, which started in 2021 as part of Whirlpool Corporation’s commemoration of Juneteenth and its Racial Equality Pledge commitment.

Florida A&M University Habitat for Humanity Build

Partnering with diverse student organizations across the country builds a talent pool from which we can engage top students to bring their talent home to Whirlpool. Over the past academic year, we’ve continued to build our relationship with Florida A&M University (FAMU), a top public Historically Black College and University, through on-campus events, mentor/mentee relationships, the BUILD externship program and supplying kitchen and laundry products. In 2023, Whirlpool and FAMU expanded the relationship to include collaboration on innovative capstone student projects and a Habitat for Humanity build.

2023 Whirlpool P@TH intern class.

Emma Jean Hull commemorates opening of namesake apartments with Whirlpool executives and local dignitaries.

Whirlpool employees revitalize Broadway Park to celebrate Juneteenth with a Day of Impact.

The P@TH Internship Program

The Possibilities at Home (P@TH) internship program attracts a diverse population of Berrien County residents (home of our global headquarters) who are first- and second-year college students. Students have the opportunity to enhance their educational experience with real-world applications and strengthen their business acumen skills. These internships are intended to develop personal and professional skills to prepare them for future career opportunities. In 2023, we continued to strengthen and expand key community partnerships to provide equal opportunities for local students to participate in this growing program.

Education on Inclusion

At Whirlpool, we believe education contributes to an inclusive work environment. In 2023, we expanded our multi-module Unconscious Bias and Empathy Program, previously launched in the U.S., to over 1,400 People Leaders in Latin America (LAR), Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia increasing total participation to over 2,800 People Leaders globally. Additionally, U.S. People Leaders participated in “Continuing the Conversation” sessions to foster a continued focus on unconscious bias and empathy.

Unconscious bias and inclusion education is embedded into our new leader development program, as well as throughout key talent processes, such as Hiring Effectiveness Training, launched this year for all hiring managers.

1,400+ People Leaders completed
Unconscious Bias and Empathy
training globally in 2023
15,000+ employees completed
online Inclusion and
Diversity training in 2023

Improving Life at Home and Work for All Employees Through ERGs

Within all of Whirlpool Corporation’s ERGs globally, employees are empowered to build a culture where all are welcome, professional development is fostered and community connections are nurtured. Across the company, ERG leaders partner to create programming that meets the specific needs of their network members, including allies who support the ERG’s mission and vision. Members of ERGs also recognize the uniqueness that makes each of us who we are and have come together throughout 2023 to provide cross-ERG intersectional events, including employee panels, external speakers and community give-back events.

As a working parent in a dual-career family, it means the world to me to find support not just in my personal life, but at work. As my children grow and my parents age, having a network of employees who have been through it and can help support is a game changer. That’s what we hope WFN can do, change the game and care for our caregivers, especially when they most need it.”

Heather Chupp
Whirlpool Family Network Co-Lead

Announcing the addition of the Whirlpool Family Network (WFN)

It’s an almost universal challenge — navigating life with families while simultaneously building a career. We recognize that working and balancing family responsibilities is not easy and comes with unique challenges, so the WFN was established to provide support and enable parents and caregivers to be the best version of themselves both at work and at home.

Our ERGs Are Making a Difference Around the World

Whirlpool Corporation ERGs remain committed to fostering an inclusive culture. At Whirlpool, all employees are welcomed into any ERG they wish to join. In 2023, ERGs emphasized allyship as a key theme of their communication and events. Further, they partnered across ERGs to target a larger span of employees and increase awareness. Here are just a few stories of their success this year.

Awareness of Visible and Invisible Disabilities

AVID partnered with the WWN for a virtual event covering essential topics that included mental health, wellness and illness. In addition, Whirlpool Vets & Allies partnered with AVID to build ramps at community members’ homes.

Pride Network

Whirlpool Corp. employees across global locations participated in numerous activities throughout Pride Month to expand awareness, promote education and provide a sense of community. Activities included parades, festivals and on-site events in the U.S. and conferences and coffee talks for employees in LAR. This year’s participation expanded ERG involvement in new locations, including Chicago and the U.S.-based sites in Ohio.

Whirlpool Women’s Network

The WWN partnered with Harbor Shores Resort in Benton Harbor, Michigan, to create the first of its kind Summer Series — Tips and Sips for Women and Allies. The event served as an entry point to learn the fundamental skills of golf so more women can participate in the game, which can lead to many career-building and networking opportunities. With 150 attendees, the event successfully engaged allies and members alike.

In LAR, the Women’s Network made a sizable impact with their annual symposium in March, reaching over 1,500 individuals in 17 countries. Then in October, more than 1,000 employees participated in breast cancer awareness month activities including expert panelists, free mammograms and more.


Whirlpool Corporation’s Black Employee Network, FOCUS, held a first of its kind two-week functional showcase event featuring presentations from leaders across various functional business groups. Leaders shared their functional goals, key partners, team structure, skills needed and possible career paths. The goal was to provide education related to the different business areas and an opportunity to network across the organization.

Young Professionals Network

The YP! continued focusing on leadership development by expanding the “Building Leaders” podcast, which is aimed at providing young professionals with valuable leadership advice and insights. In 2023, YP! interviewed 12 leaders, including Whirlpool CEO Marc Bitzer, spanning a variety of functions. In LAR-North more than 1,300 people participated in nine training events all aimed at professional development.

Visit our website for more on ERG projects and progress.