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Our Purpose and ESG Strategy

Since the founding of our company over 110 years ago, we have lived by our vision of improving life at home. Guided by our core values, we work to develop innovative products that save time and eliminate work for consumers, lessen environmental impact and support our employees and communities, all while delivering significant, long-term value for our shareholders.

Our ESG strategy is an integral part of our long-term, globally aligned strategic imperatives and operating priorities — and has been for several decades. Over 50 years ago, former Whirlpool president Elisha “Bud” Gray noticed discarded material and excess waste on the assembly line that concerned him, and in response noted in a letter to the shareholders, “We have long held that no business can separate itself from the affairs and problems of the society of which it is a part and hope to grow and prosper.” Gray proceeded to establish the Office of Environment in 1970. This office provided a means to set aggressive environmental standards across all operations. We continue this legacy of pursuing sustainability in the company’s products and processes by seeking to broaden our commitments to ESG efforts and advancing our goal of making life in our homes, communities and operations better today and in the future.

Improving Life at Home Through:

Sustainable Products and Operations

Creating shared value throughout the product life cycle and committing to Net Zero scopes 1 and 2 emissions by 2030

Supporting Our People

Investing in resources to help care for our employees, consumers and communities

Doing the Right Thing

Holding ourselves accountable and maintaining robust policies, procedures and systems so we can live by our values