Interactive program aims to provide students with impactful professional experience during coronavirus pandemic.

Throughout the year, Whirlpool Corporation invites hundreds of interns from across the globe to work onsite at many of its worldwide locations. The programs are immersive⁠—frequently valued for offering hands-on in-person experiences alongside top company talent and leaders.

So when COVID-19 forced a significant portion of Whirlpool Corporation employees to work remotely, human resource and talent acquisition leaders knew the bar was high to deliver an internship program offering comparable levels of immersiveness and impact.

“Earlier this spring, we began identifying ways in which we could create a meaningful program while also allowing interns to safely work from home,” says Camila Proenca, Whirlpool Corporation Senior HR Manager for Global Talent Acquisition. “The plan we’ve constructed is very robust.”

In the U.S. this summer, Whirlpool Corporation will launch its first virtual internship program. Nearly 100 undergraduate and graduate students from 23 states and representing 43 schools from across the country are enrolled in the program.

While all interns will work remotely, the six-week program is built to fully engross students in the Whirlpool Corporation environment. One-on-one and team meetings, a digital e-learning and networking platform, and social engagement activities are just some of the dynamic virtual tools designed to help interns understand Whirlpool Corporation business and culture, deliver meaningful work, and make powerful connections from afar.

“We’ve created a common learning agenda intended in part to make our interns feel more connected while working remotely,” says Proenca. “This exciting universal approach is reflective of our broader corporate values which include working together as One Whirlpool.”

The virtual curriculum is extensive. Activities will expose interns to Whirlpool Corporation’s history, values, functions, brands, and products. Leadership training includes mentoring sessions with senior leaders and guidance on how to perform successfully in an evolving virtual environment. Interns will also be able to develop their career interests by working with one of several Whirlpool Corporation functions, including manufacturing, finance, and information systems.

“As an undergraduate, the opportunity to learn first-hand about supply chain at Whirlpool Corporation is a tremendous opportunity,” says Daniela Goncalves, who will be a senior at Florida International University in the fall. “I am excited to work for a diverse company with programs to help us reach our fullest potential.”

Goncalves will be working from her home in Florida. Dheeraj Yachamaneni, a rising junior at Purdue University, will be working from his home in Virginia.

“In today’s world, distractions are all over the place,” Dheeraj says. “Whirlpool Corporation’s virtual internship will help me learn to work hard while avoiding distractions at home. And in the future, the focus I develop from working at home will carry on to the workplace.”