Whirlpool After COVID

Whirlpool Corporation Develops Guidelines for Returning Employees

As COVID-19 continues to change how we go about our daily lives, the health and safety of our employees continue to remain our top priority. We are proud of how our manufacturing colleagues have already implemented strict safety protocols, and we are applying that same rigorous approach in gradually returning our employees to the office environment.

As such, our leadership team has produced a Global Standards Playbook on Returning to the Office Environment that will guide our employees through their first day back at a Whirlpool facility and be a resource tool every day thereafter to keep everyone safe.

Whirlpool employees, contractors and visitors will be required to follow these health and safety standards at all times while working at our sites.

To achieve the maximum level of safety, the Playbook outlines protocols such as performing regular health self-screenings, abiding by safe commuter and transportation standards, wearing PPE, social distancing guidelines, keeping our workspaces hygienic, and the steps that our facilities team is taking to ensure we have a safe working environment.

We are proud of our employees’ dedication to living Whirlpool’s values as we continue our work to improve life at home, especially during these challenging times of COVID-19. Together, even at a distance, we are One Whirlpool standing resolute in the face of this global pandemic.