Woman cooking in kitchen

With the release of the Matter 1.3 smart connectivity update, which Whirlpool Corporation has been a collaborator in developing, Matter’s footprint throughout the smart home is expanding. New major home appliances categories now supported by Matter, include microwaves, ovens, clothes dryers, vent hoods and cooktops. This update ensures consumers can find Matter-enabled appliances in every major kitchen and laundry category.

Home appliances that work with Matter will have the potential to simplify connected experiences, enable reliable connections, provide consumer choice in how to control a smart home, while maintaining privacy and security.

“Our work with Matter in the kitchen and laundry room has been focused on giving consumers the flexibility to create a smart home that seamlessly fits into their daily lives,” said Ryan Craig, Whirlpool Corporation’s director of global IoT strategy “We are excited to show the world how Matter-enabled home appliances will bring the future to your fingertips.”

Launched in October 2022, Matter is the language of the modern smart home, led by the Connectivity Standards Alliance and supported by hundreds of the world’s leading IoT and smart home companies. Products built on Matter will work with each other seamlessly and securely across platforms regardless of brand or manufacturer.

The addition of these home appliances and other device types into Matter 1.3 means that product manufacturers like Whirlpool Corporation can start to implement Matter into future designs now that the spec has been thoroughly tested and vetted.

As with all technology, it will take time for Matter-enabled devices to reach consumers’ homes – and Whirlpool Corporation looks forward to showing the world what a Matter-enabled smart home will look like.