Whirlpool Corporation Commercial Laundry Makes Charitable Donations to Non-Profits.

Solomon's Porch donation from Whirlpool CorpThe City of Fall River, Massachusetts is home to Whirlpool Corporation’s commercial laundry manufacturing facility. So when the team at that plant found out that Solomon’s Porch, a local church, was expanding its homeless shelter, they felt the need to help. That aid came in the form of a commercial washer and dryer.

“We’re a big part of this community,” said Regional Sales Manager for Commercial Laundry Bryan Rausch. “Many of our employees live here, and at Whirlpool we have a culture and tradition of contributing wherever we can in our plant communities, so this donation made a lot of sense, especially now when the shelter is expecting more people during the COVID-19 crisis.”

The expansion project at Solomon’s Porch, once completed, will provide basic needs for those who need shelter, including food, clothing, hygiene supplies, lockers, and showers. Other services will include recovery meetings, GED training and testing, basic life skills classes, a mentoring program, and job training and placement programs. 

Laundry Truck LA donation from Whirlpool CorpWhirlpool Corp. doesn’t just make donations in its plant communities, though. The commercial laundry team also donated four commercial Maytag brand laundry pairs to Laundry Truck LA, a free mobile laundry service for those experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles. This brings the number of commercial Maytag laundry pairs they can use to serve the community to a total of five. These commercial machines have a higher capacity than consumer laundry pairs, allowing the organization to do more laundry than they could before.

“They do laundry seven days a week at different locations all over LA,” explained Matt Conn, Senior Marketing and Product Development Manager for Commercial Laundry. “This is a very timely donation, as the organization has just been contracted by the city of Los Angeles to jump in and help with the 6,000 new beds pledged by Mayor Eric Garcetti in response to COVID-19.”