Environment, Health and Safety Policy

Maintaining high environmental, health, safety and sustainability standards is more than a good business practice, it is a fundamental responsibility.

Whirlpool Corporation is committed to protecting our employees and visitors to our sites, preserving the environment and acting sustainably throughout our business operations. Maintaining high environmental, health, safety (EHS) and sustainability standards is more than simply a good business practice; it is a fundamental responsibility, shared by all employees. To ensure compliance with regulatory and other requirements, we are committed to:

Protecting our Employees

  • Prevent work-related injuries and illnesses and preserve emotional well-being for our employees, contractors, and visitors to our sites.
  • Foster active participation and involvement of employees at all levels in our EHS processes.
  • Adopt and promote processes and behaviors that improve our performance and culture.

Preserving the Environment

  • Prevent environmental pollution and improve performance by identifying and assessing environmental aspects and impacts, threats and opportunities.
  • Integrate environmental Sustainability aspects into business operations, from planning through execution, prioritizing efficient use of energy and natural resources, waste minimization and reduction of carbon footprint.

Acting Sustainably

  • Establish goals, objectives, targets and periodic reviews in all areas related to the management of EHS and Sustainable Operations to drive continual improvement.
  • Allocate resources to implement processes, practices, programs, procedures to support implementation of this policy and the requirements of our We Care Management System.

Whirlpool Corporation will review this policy triennially to ensure its continued applicability, effectiveness, and its continued alignment with the Whirlpool Code of Conduct.

Approved by Marc Bitzer, CEO and Chairman of the Board