FWhirlpool Corporation Heat Pump Dryerollowing the recent introduction of the first ever ENERGY STAR® certified electric dryer1, Whirlpool Corporation (NYSE: WHR) is proud to announce the next step in its commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency with its newest innovation in dryer technology. The new Whirlpool® HybridCare™ clothes dryer WED99HED with Hybrid Heat Pump technology is designed to regenerate energy during the drying cycle to reduce energy consumption while providing dryer speed and performance flexibility.

Compared to typical dryers that use large amounts of energy in the form of venting hot, moist air, the Whirlpool brand HybridCare™ dryer is a ventless heat pump dryer that uses a refrigeration system to dry and recycle the same air.

HybridCare™ technology uses advanced sensors tuned to manage energy consumption and temperature to deliver drying performance and energy savings. The three available modes allow flexibility while providing great drying results:

  • Speed mode – used when consumer focus is on managing time
  • Eco mode – used when optimizing energy is the priority
  • Balanced mode – blends the performance of Speed and Eco

“Whirlpool Corporation is at the forefront of residential energy efficiency gains in clothes dryers,” said Chris Ball, General Manager of the Laundry category for Whirlpool North America. “Our progress in developing new technologies that combine to create highly energy-efficient drying cycles, while offering better fabric care, demonstrates our commitment to offering consumers the most innovative and effective products for their home.”

Whirlpool Corporation is collaborating with organizations including the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), an alliance of more than 140 Northwest utilities and energy efficiency organizations, in support of its efforts to mobilize the market toward energy efficiency. Through this relationship, Whirlpool and NEEA work to make the greatest long-term impact on the marketplace through the adoption of energy-efficient products, like the HybridCare™ dryer.

HybridCare™ technology has the capability to use less heat than vented dryers. The ventless dryer technology will allow consumers in North America to reduce their carbon footprint and the estimated $4B in wasted energy attributed to dryers2.

As a ventless technology, HybridCare™ does not require an outside vent, allowing the consumer to install it in more locations throughout the home. The HybridCare™ technology dryer will also match select front load washers of the currently available Duet series, making it a logical choice for consumers desiring greater levels of energy savings.

Whirlpool will begin shipping units to select U.S. markets in Q4 2014. It will expand to other U.S. markets and Canada in early 2015, generating excitement among some major utilities.  “Whirlpool Corporation has been a great partner with us as we work together to advance dryer energy efficiency. Dryers are the next frontier for significant energy savings in the home, and innovations like the heat pump dryer are a key technology to unlocking these savings,” said Jeff Harris, Director, Technology and Market Strategy, NEEA.

Whirlpool Corporation’s full sustainability strategy engages nearly every aspect of its business, from materials and processes, to product technologies and end-of-life recycling, all aimed at a more sustainable future. Whirlpool Corporation believes in improving lives, one home, one family at a time through innovative, world-class products and services. When it comes to sustainability, Whirlpool works to satisfy its consumers, protect the environment, nurture its communities and embed sustainability into its products and processes while driving extraordinary value and enhancing reputation.

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