Deb O'Connor named Managing Director of Whirlpool Foundation

The Whirlpool Foundation announced that it has named Deb O’Connor as Managing Director during its regular meeting on Jan. 20. O’Connor also serves as the Director of Corporate Reputation and Community Relations for Whirlpool Corp. In her role, she helps lead multiple programs supporting the local communities in which Whirlpool Corp. is located.

“Deb was the perfect choice for this role due to her strong ties to the local community in southwest Michigan and track record of work on donations and volunteerism for organizations such as the United Way, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Habitat for Humanity International, Benton Harbor, Lakeshore and St. Joseph schools, and the First Tee program to name just a few,” said Whirlpool Foundation President Michael Todman.

The Whirlpool Foundation follows a collective impact model within its House + Home strategy, and contributes to social concerns impacting the company’s home communities through grants, volunteerism and leadership. In addition to its support of charitable organizations, the Foundation supports Whirlpool Corp’s Racial Equality Pledge—a multi-year commitment to improve Black representation by 50 percent at all levels within the company, and equality initiatives that can demonstrate progress for helping all in need, especially Black residents, to have better access to programs that can improve their lives. Volunteers working on the pledge support 16 different work streams focused on Inclusion and Diversity, Education, Housing, and Business and Community Support.

The Foundation Trustees and staff include:

  • Michael Todman, retired Whirlpool Corp. Vice-Chairman — Foundation President
  • Pam Klyn, Sr. VP, Communications, Public Affairs and Sustainability — Volunteer Trustee
  • Dani Brown, Sr. VP and Chief Information Officer — Volunteer Trustee
  • Donald D’anna, VP Global Tax — Volunteer Trustee
  • Carey Martin, Sr. VP and Chief Human Resources Officer — Volunteer Trustee
  • Bridget Quinn, Associate General Counsel — Volunteer Counsel
  • Jennifer Powers, VP and Treasurer — Volunteer Treasurer
  • Michael Mullin, Director, Business Travel Center — Volunteer Controller
  • Deb O’Connor, Dir. of Corp. Reputation and Community Relations — Managing Director
  • Rosa Keszler, Manager, Community Relations — Volunteer Program Coordinator
  • Sarah Rodgers, Part Time Administrative and Compliance staff

More information on the Foundation can be found at:

About the Whirlpool Foundation:

Since 1952, the Whirlpool Foundation has been making a real, positive difference in local communities where Whirlpool Corporation families live and work. This is accomplished through two central pillars, House + Home. “House” supports a decent and affordable place to live and plan for the future, and “Home” focuses on creating thriving, resilient communities with the essential services, quality education and job training needed to help people dream bigger and do better. The Foundation has an absolute commitment to equality and fairness for everyone, especially Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC). It takes an innovative approach to social investing that prioritizes impact with measurable, positive results.