news-findlay-wind-farmThis month, Whirlpool Corporation was named No. 204 on Newsweek’s 2016 Green Rankings list, one of the most reputed corporate rankings  assessing environmental efforts of the 500 largest publicly-traded companies in the United States based on corporate sustainability and environmental impact.

“This latest recognition speaks to Whirlpool Corporation’s leadership in corporate sustainability — responsibility has always been a core commitment embedded throughout our operations from sustainable manufacturing and supply chain to high performing, lower impact consumer products,” said Ron Voglewede, Global Sustainability Director, Whirlpool Corporation. “We are proud to pioneer high performing, lower impact technologies and help our consumers reduce their own environmental footprint.”

Whirlpool Corporation’s commitment to corporate sustainability begins with manufacturing and supply chain. Recently, the company reaffirmed its zero waste to landfill goal in every manufacturing facility across the globe by 2022. Additionally, in the last year, Whirlpool Corporation has announced three major on-site wind farm projects totaling $31.5 million that will help power various manufacturing plants across Ohio.

On the consumer appliance side, Whirlpool Corporation has received 38 ENERGY STAR® Awards since 1998 — more than any other appliance manufacturer in the U.S. and Canada. Washers built today use 74 percent less energy and 43 percent less water than those built in 1992, while their capacity has increased by 42 percent.1 Additionally, Whirlpool brand’s HybridCare™ dryer merges both heat pump and ventless technologies to solve key challenges when it comes to dryers – energy usage, gentle care for specialty clothing, installation and placement flexibility and eliminating outdoor venting. With the Eco Dry setting, the dryer uses up to 73 percent less energy.2

“In the current global business and political climate, no company can continue to ignore its environmental footprint and there’s good news: Newsweek’s 2016 Green Rankings show that the world’s biggest companies are improving when it comes to energy productivity and in limiting greenhouse gas emissions,” said Elijah Wolfson, Senior Editor for Newsweek. “Our hope is that the rankings will propel leaders to start looking at their environmental impact not just in terms of carbon use, but comprehensively, and make the changes necessary to sustain both business growth and environmental viability.”

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June 21, 2016