Featured in today’s New York Times, Whirlpool brand launched the Every day, care™ campaign nationwide, challenging the perception Americans have of day-to-day tasks like washing, cooking and cleaning.  While these responsibilities may seem insignificant and tedious, they are an impactful expression of love and play a fundamental role in shaping the people we love and the world in which we live.

For more than 100 years Whirlpool brand has created innovative home appliances that consumers have used to care for their families. The brand is on a mission to shift the negative public perceptions of household responsibilities, and prove from clean clothes improving truancy rates, to family dinners developing better reading skills, to chores helping to shape young adults, have more power than we ever give them credit for.

As part of the campaign launch, Whirlpool brand will be fueling conversations around the topic, supported by a national survey, white paper findings and multi-media content across all digital platforms, including Whirlpool brand’s website at Whirlpool.com/everydaycare.

Explore more of this topic at Whirlpool.com/everydaycare and join the conversation with #EveryDayCare.