Whirlpool took part for the first time as an exhibitor at the Marie Claire Fashion Days for supporting Hungarian designers with its fashion show and custom designed booth, as well as showcased its Supreme Care product family of washing machines and dryers. The fashion show was created by stylist Luca Juhász, and the Whirlpool booth was designed by András Mészáros, meanwhile Chef Lázár, the cook of Whirlpool prepared some special design food bites for the visitors to taste.

BUDAPEST, 16 November 2016. A spectacular fashion show, deliciously designed bites and a custom designed booth highlighted the introduction of the new Supreme Care washing machines and dryers of Whirlpool, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributor of home appliances, at the Marie Claire Fashion Days held in Budapest, 11-13 November 2016.


The concept behind the fashion show

“Luca Juhász, stylist of Cosmopolitan magazine and the mind behind the fashion show along with Zsuzsi Cseh show coordinator presented a day of a refined woman, the Whirlpool goddess, with their models wearing morning dresses, afternoon outfits and cocktail as well as evening dresses. Quality is apparent both in the use of fabrics – plenty of pure silk, wool, cashmere and lace garments were showed on the runway – and of colors and patterns. The dresses in the first part of the show feature elegance and clear lines, while there are also a few afternoon garments of current vogue, e.g. the bomber jacket. The entire show is mostly characterized by the use of delicate pastel colors, complemented by gold and champagne colors chosen by the stylists. Gowns and evening dresses of silk lace and the extremely fine tulle dresses are designed by Nóra Sármán, while the closing piece, the beautiful evening dress is the work of Peter Merö. All the clothes represent the Whirlpool 6th sense goddess. Outfits and accessories by other Hungarian designers are present as well, e.g. Rózsa Megla the designer of Navona Fashion, a bag of Linda Siető, Kata Páncsity the designer of Pakamé, Evelin Fink the designer of the Evelin Fink brand name, and fast fashion brands are also represented, like F&F and H&M, as well as some garments from the new collection of VAN GRAF”, said Éva Kustra-Zsátos, marketing and brand manager of Whirlpool, about the concept behind Whirlpool’s fashion show.


Photographs: Réka Földi

How do fashion and the washing machines and dryers of Whirlpool come together?

“Our appliances intertwine with fashion in many respects: on the one hand, regarding their function and programs, and on the other hand, regarding design. It matters how and in what kind of machine we wash our clothes. All women want to be able to wear their clothes for a long time, especially unique or quality garments, which require special care. They should use a washing machine and dryer which – due to its Soft Move drum movements adapting to the different types of fabrics – provide a perfect care for every kind of clothes, and have 6th sense Color programs designed for washing garments sorted by color. Whirlpool developed its newest Supreme Care product family for exactly that purpose – the washing machines and dryers providing supreme care, and the Whirlpool Washer Dryer, combining the two functions in a single appliance. Beside ensuring reliable performance, elegant design is also essential. Supreme Care washing machines and dryers integrate novel design with premium category quality”, said Kata Kovács, Trade marketing manager of Whirlpool Magyarország Kft.

Creative appearance inspired by washing and drying

Whirlpool also strived for harmony in its appearance in the show, thus the booth itself was inspired by connecting fashion and washing. This idea was represented by the installation of surreal 7 meters long transparent garments flying out of the machines, and the comfort level provided by the latest technologies is manifested in the luxurious and central-positioned VITRA lounge, created by András Mészáros (Project Ma), interior designer and architect. András has references of years-long in booth design for Whirlpool, and he has created unique plans for each of his jobs with Whirlpool, always customized to the place and needs of the occasion, with maximum consideration to the theme of the exhibition. In his extensive portfolio booth installation is only one of his many activities. Several of his works have been rewarded with the special award for the most beautiful stand, last time in 2015 at the Construma.

Among the products showcased at the booth, the pair of a Supreme Care washing machine and dryer (FSCR 90430, HSCX 90432) supplied with a beautiful 6th sense jewel button and chrome-plated door was in perfect combination with each other regarding both design and looks, and a new black-door Supreme Care washing machine (FSCR 12440) with 12 kg washing capacity was also exhibited, which, beside featuring touch button display, is also able to connect to WiFi, while the exhibited member of the exhibited Whirlpool Washer Dryer product family (WWDC 9614) combines washing and drying functions in a single appliance.


Photographs: András Mészáros – Project Ma

Design bites and prize drawing at the Whirlpool booth of Marie Claire Fashion Days

Finally, as a really matching connecting link to fashion, the event was crowned by the design bites of Chef Lázár, which many of the visitors tasted. There will be a Supreme Care washing machine or dryer drawn as a prize among those who have taken a selfie at the Whirlpool Booth. For further information about the winner and the promotion visit the following website. (www.whirlpool.hu; www.regisztracio.whirlpool.hu)

Picture 1: The design food tasting of Chef Lázár at the Whirlpool booth Photograph: Réka Földi

The design food tasting of Chef Lázár at the Whirlpool booth Photograph: Réka Földi

From left to right, Éva Kustra-Zsátos, Marketing and Brand Manager, Whirlpool Hungary, Chef Lázár, Whirlpool’s chef and Kata Kovács, Trade Marketing Manager, Whirlpool Hungary Photograph: Réka Földi

From left to right, Éva Kustra-Zsátos, Marketing and Brand Manager, Whirlpool Hungary, Chef Lázár, Whirlpool’s chef and Kata Kovács, Trade Marketing Manager, Whirlpool Hungary
Photograph: Réka Földi