Social Responsibility in Europe, Middle East & Africa

As the world’s leading major home appliance company, we help people make the most of time so they can focus on what really matters – their families and their lives.

We contribute to creating strong and resilient communities as an expression of our corporate citizenship.

We leverage our assets and technology to improve the quality of families lives by addressing their crucial needs to make them flourish.

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Focus Areas

Social Responsibility in Europe, Middle East & Africa 4

Our commitment to social responsibility focuses around three focus areas: Food Access and Food Saving, Housing and Youth Employment, each linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Food Access and Food Saving

Ensure access to nutritious food, promote food saving in households and raise awareness around the value of food.


Providing families in need with adequate, safe and affordable housing.

Youth Employment

Fostering youth employment with a focus on S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) skills.

Forms of Support

We engage in projects emphasizing innovation, technology, quality and sustainability. As an international and multicultural organization, we strive to share a potential of our expertise and human talent.

Depending on the needs of the requesting organizations and projects and on internal evaluation, corporate giving can take different forms.

Charitable giving: the amount of cash giving

In-kind donations: the value of donated products and of pro-bono work

Employees volunteering: the value of time employees volunteer to contribute.


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Community Day

Volunteers for one day

Social Responsibility in Europe, Middle East & Africa 6

Moments not to be Wasted

Contributing to the fight against food waste

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Our commitment to reducing plastic pollution


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CEE CSR Summit

Moments not to be Wasted project was awarded “Best CSR Practices project of the year” in Slovakia

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Biblioteca Bilancio Sociale Award

Whirlpool EMEA was included among Biblioteca Bilancio Sociale’s top companies in Italy for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability.

Social Responsibility in Europe, Middle East & Africa 10

Web Marketing Festival

Moments not to be Wasted project received Web Marketing Festival award in the category “Digital Food”


Appliances Turkey

Whirlpool Corporation donates 500 home appliances to support families affected by the earthquakes in Turkey   

The Company partnered with the Municipality of Izmir to distribute and install appliances directly into new people’s homes Whirlpool Corporation, world’s leading kitchen and laundry appliance Company, donated a total of 500 home appliances between...
appliances donation Lebanon

Whirlpool Corporation donates home appliances to support more than 100 families affected by Beirut Port blast

In collaboration with DAFA, a non-profit organization to distribute and install appliances directly into people’s homes Whirlpool Corporation, US-based home appliances manufacturer, today announced that it would be donating home appliances to...

Whirlpool and Scholas together to develop the creative potential of the young

In the wake of the “WeRead” project, a new collaboration to stimulate the powerful imagination of the new generations Respect for diversity and the promotion of dialogue, a culture of encounter and a new civic and social sensibility without...
Moments not to be wasted

The winning schools of the Italian edition of “Moments not to be wasted” have been announced

Whirlpool EMEA's edutainment project involved 1,800 primary schools throughout Italy and made its website available for distance learning. Three schools in the provinces of Bari, Reggio Emilia and Rome won the Talent Kitchen Pero (MI), 10 August...
Whirlpool Donations appliances in the UK

Whirlpool UK Donates Appliances to Hospitals and Charities Across the United Kingdom to Support Frontline Workers

Whirlpool UK recently donated washing machines, microwaves, dishwashers and refrigerators to multiple National Health Service hospitals and charities across the United Kingdom to help them support staff and patients on the front line of the...
Mechanical Ventilators

Whirlpool’s Engineers Developed Helpful Devices to Support the Fight Against COVID-19

The Coronavirus emergency has not made truces and we, as Whirlpool Corporation, have only been able to think of how to continue to support all players involved in the fight against it. For this reason, we are happy to share with you our latest...
Share a food selfie, share a meal: Whirlpool launches #TheFeedingPost to help Food Banks and people in need 2

Share a food selfie, share a meal: Whirlpool launches #TheFeedingPost to help Food Banks and people in need

Sometimes food is so good you just have to share. But in the social media age, this doesn’t usually mean two spoons for your dessert – these days, we tend to grab our phone to snap a “food selfie” for Instagram. Though the restaurant scene as we...
Panelist Moments not to be wasted

Fighting domestic food waste: a comparison of action plans

New data from Last Minute Market/SWG's Waste Watcher Observatory on household food waste in Lombardy has been presented today Whirlpool has launched the 4th edition of the educational project "Moments Not to Be Wasted", which will involve over 2...

Whirlpool EMEA against food waste: Big success for the 3rd “Moments not to be Wasted”

1 million students involved at over 1,600 schools in Italy, Poland and SlovakiaPrizes to classes in the provinces of Catania, Lecco, Ancona and Varese 1,600 primary schools engaged, 2,500 educational kits delivered to classes and over 1,300 entries...
Pope Francis Laundry opens in Genova, Italy thanks do Whirlpool EMEA appliances

Whirlpool EMEA donates washers and dryers to the newly opened Pope Francis Laundry and Shower Service in Genoa

Today, Friday 25 October, saw the opening of the “Pope Francis Laundry and Shower Service” in Genoa. This is a free-of-charge service offered to people in dire need, especially the homeless. On the premises in Piazza Durazzo 12, managed by the...