OneStepStories-StaceyAI realized I needed to get fit and learn to eat right while traveling for Whirlpool.

I am a remote employee who often travels for Whirlpool. When I was on the road, my normal day looked like this: Go to the airport, eat bad food, get on the plane, arrive at the location, get bad food, go to hotel, watch TV, go to work, more bad food. Repeat.

I started to get sick of low back pain and always feeling tired.  A local gym was having a 6 week challenge and I decided it was time for a change.

The journey was difficult. I had sore muscles for what seemed like every day of those 6 weeks. I also ended up having to travel for part of the trip.  The trainer at the gym sent me a workout to do at the hotel gym, but I appreciated the accountability and support from the gym and my family.

Learning about proper nutrition was key to living a healthy lifestyle for me, and  trying to find good food while traveling was very difficult. Whirlpool supported me by having healthy meals brought in when I was on the road.

Now, I’m in the best shape I have been in for the last 10 years.  When I started at the gym I could only do push ups on my knees. I can now do push ups with my feet elevated 8″ off the floor.  I no longer have back pain. I have 3% less body fat than when I started in October 2015.

I am healthier and I can do the activities I enjoy without pain. I feel great!

Stacey Archer, Benton Harbor, MI

March 28, 2016