Hotpoint Steam Oven

Open the new Hotpoint Steam Oven and you can unlock a new world of culinary adventures. Steam is an ideal way to cook – letting you gently prepare delicious, healthy dishes with all the flavor, succulence and nutrition of your ingredients beautifully preserved. But the real magic comes when you combine steaming with traditional oven features. Thanks to their easy control user interfaces, Hotpoint’s innovative new Steam Ovens let you cook with this sophisticated blend of steam and heat with incredible simplicity, creating dishes that are juicy on the inside, while still beautifully crisp on the outside. No matter your level of culinary skill, this powerful combination delivers incredible results to transform your cooking experience.

With great tasting food, sometimes it is the simplest things that bring us the most pleasure: Tearing the golden crust of a fresh baked loaf to enjoy the soft warm bread within. The dark caramel taste of crisp-roasted meat that still melts in the mouth. Fresh fish cooked to delicate perfection. Thanks to the new Steam Oven range from Hotpoint, you no longer need to be a master chef to enjoy these precious experiences at home.

“Steaming is becoming ever more popular as people are embracing cooking as a creative pastime, while also seeking out ways to achieve a simpler, healthier lifestyle. As with everything in modern life, it can be a challenge to balance these desires, but our new Steam Ovens offer breakthrough performance and simplicity that makes cooking with steam so much more accessible,” explained Fabio Bruni, Brand Specialist, Hotpoint. “As more of us become food enthusiasts that want explore and experiment in the kitchen, many of us also feel we have to improve our cooking skills to be able to achieve our ambitions. With their elegant intuitive interfaces our new Steam Ovens guide users to create an enjoyable and satisfying cooking experience so they can focus on adding their personal touch to every meal.”

With a range of easy to use steaming functions, the new Steam Ovens give you the confidence to explore a wider range of culinary possibilities, assisted by appealing interfaces that make it simple to achieve brilliant results every time. The ovens deliver superior performance thanks to new heating elements for steam generation. This enables a range of dedicated steam cooking functions, with three levels of performance available across the range – Gentle Steam, Active Steam and Total Steam.

Hotpoint Steam Oven - Gentle SteamGentle Steam – Triple the taste experience with a steam touch
Gentle Steam is an effective solution that helps to improve the cooking results in an easy to use way. Steam is produced by adding water into a space at the base of the cavity, which adds humidity to the conventional cooking process. This offers superior results when cooking bread, meat and fish by preserving the moisture inside food, while still ensuring it can be deliciously crispy on the outside. Preparing these specific food types is made stress-free: The innovative food category legend leads you through the preparation process step by step by featuring quantity of water required, tray level position, temperature band and average cooking duration. For starting the cooking process the functional oven’s program knob gives you easy access to the desired food category. Steaming has never been so easy.

Active Steam – Add a tasty touch of steam with three levels of humidity
Available on Core+ Steam Ovens, the Active Steam system offers an even wider range of control when cooking with both the traditional heating element and with steam. Water is added to the steam system via a dedicated drawer on the front of the oven. When cooking at temperatures between 140°C-220°C, the introduction of steam can help to reduce weight loss and reduce the cooking time required. Automatic or manual modes can be used to select from three different levels of humidity – Steam High (75%), Steam Mid (50%) and Steam Low (25%), helping to enhance the cooking of particular foods.

Hotpoint Steam Oven - Total SteamTotal Steam – Turn your traditional oven into a 100% steam oven
The top of the range Premium Steam Oven features Total Steam, a solution that also lets you use your oven just like a traditional steamer, cooking with pure and superheated steam at temperatures of 100°C or less. Integrating the Active Steam functionality, the steam oven offers not only Steam High (75%), Steam Mid (50%) and Steam Low (25%), but also up to 100% steam saturation. This is ideal for fish, eggs, vegetables, rice, or cereals, and delivers extraordinary cooking results, with zero weight loss, while retaining all the food’s nutrients. Total Steam can also make use of the graduated humidity control used by the Active Steam system to cook specific dishes that require lower humidity levels. Water is added to the steam system via a dedicated drawer on the front of the oven.

Designed to bring pleasure to your kitchen
From first impressions, to every day use, Hotpoint’s new Steam Oven range offers a distinctly premium experience. Their brushed stainless steel exteriors have been crafted with the clean, contemporary lines of Hotpoint’s authentic design, pleasing the eye while drawing focus to the simple, appealing controls.