news-SchimpThroughout October, we are celebrating U.S. manufacturing — and the men and women who work in our plants to bring innovation to life every day. Scott Schimp, Project Engineer, and member of the Manufacturing Leadership Development Program, and has had roles at our Amana and Cleveland plants & with the Product Development Excellence team. He shares his thoughts on why Manufacturing Matters to him.

There’s nothing like the energy of a manufacturing plant! It’s exciting to see how a product comes together. For example: in our Cleveland, Tenn., facility, we make premium cooktops and ovens. On one side of the plant, there are rows-upon-rows of steel coils. I’m still amazed each time I make my way to the other side of the plant, and see those coils formed, painted, and combined with other components, resulting in a high-quality built-in oven.

Manufacturing converts our research and design into tangible products that will not only generate profits, but improve the lives of our consumers every day. I view manufacturing as the “main event.” Yes, I recognize that years have been spent understanding the consumer, creating the design, and planning the logistics. We all have different roles, but in the end, it comes down to the execution in manufacturing. Manufacturing is a true team sport, and at the end of the day we all have the same goal of making high-quality products in an effective manner while putting the safety of our employees first. Once a product is packaged and sent beyond the four walls of the factory, the next person to see that product is the consumer. That’s why I have always taken pride in saying I work in manufacturing.

One of the great aspects of our business is that we are all consumers … of our products and many others’. Almost everything, from the chair you are sitting in to the device you are reading this on, has been manufactured. Countless jobs were a part of creating the world around you. But there were more than just products made with these jobs. Families have been supported, communities have been given back to, and relationships have been built. No matter what the future holds, there will always be a need to manufacture. I believe that every job plays a vital role in the success of a company, and that my role in manufacturing is where I can make the most impact.

That is why Manufacturing Matters to me.

Written by Scott Schimp, Project Engineer, and member of the Manufacturing Leadership Development Program