Group image featuring all the scholarship winners

The Whirlpool Foundation has awarded 24 scholarships to the students of Whirlpool Corporation employees through the Sons and Daughters College and Vocational Training Scholarship program. Since the inception of the scholarship program, the Foundation has offered the traditional four year college/university scholarships. Beginning in 2023, the scholarship program was expanded to meet the post-secondary educational needs for students who have aspirations of pursuing a career in the vocational technical career pathway. These scholarships are granted to the best and brightest among high school seniors across Whirlpool locations inclusive of the eight U.S. manufacturing communities. The Whirlpool Foundation provides these scholarships through a competitive process in which children of more than 20,000 U.S. Whirlpool Corporation employees are eligible to participate.

“We know that post-secondary education opportunities may not be the same for everyone, and more importantly, education is different for everyone,” says Deb O’Connor, managing director, Whirlpool Foundation. “The Whirlpool Foundation recognizes that difference, sees the importance of inclusivity and strives to provide access to career pathways for all students. By supporting students’ diverse career interests and aspirations, we also contribute to our innovative workforce.”

The following children of Whirlpool employees have been selected to receive a Whirlpool Sons & Daughters Scholarship:

  • Ananya Bommineni, child of Sudha Damacherla
  • Chloe Jean Crockett, child of Ruthie Crockett
  • Ella L Gable, child of Jon Gable
  • Kayla Gerding, child of Tracy Gerding
  • Kylee Greider, child of Daniel Greider
  • Garret William Hashbarger, child of Troy Hashbarger
  • Campbell Jenkins, child of Brendan Jenkins
  • Adam Kauble, child of Allen Kauble
  • Charles Littlejohn, child of Karen Littlejohn
  • Charlotte A Lokinu, child of Veronique Atandjo
  • Vivian Odubasa, child of George Odubasa
  • Anna Prosser, child of Adam Prosser
  • BriAnna Josephine Ramey, child of Darrell Ramey
  • Victor Reyes, child of Natalie Reyes
  • Brady Roberts, child of Tishia Roberts
  • Kyndra Grace Rose Randolph, child of Billy Randolph
  • Madeline Salzman, child of Daniel Salzman
  • Vung Kim Sang, child of Kam Langh
  • Baylee JoAnn Wheeler, child of Shannon Wheeler
  • Abigail Winsman, child of Chase Winsman
  • Brooke Withrow, child of Mark Withrow
  • Daniel Harold Faber, child of Jerald Faber

The Sons & Daughters Scholarship Program launched in 1952 and has provided more than 2,000 scholarships and honor awards totaling over $18 million, with more than 60 Whirlpool Foundation scholarship and award recipients currently attending colleges and universities across the nation.

About the Whirlpool Foundation:
Since 1952, the Whirlpool Foundation has been making a real, positive difference in local communities where Whirlpool Corporation families live and work. This is accomplished through two central pillars, House + Home. “House” supports a decent and affordable place to live and plan for the future, and “Home” focuses on creating thriving, resilient communities through education and neighborhood revitalization. The Foundation has an absolute commitment to equality and fairness for everyone, especially Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC). It takes an innovative approach to social investing that prioritizes impact with measurable, positive results.