JennAir Brings Spot-on Insights to Conversation on the Emerging, Affluent Consumer

JennAir Brand’s Jon Hall Commands Luxury Daily Webinar 1

Jon Hall, product and brand marketing director, JennAir, alongside luxury industry representatives, joined the “Property and Furnishings: How to Hit a Home Run” webinar sponsored by Luxury Daily, the world’s leading luxury business publication.

JennAir Brand’s Jon Hall Commands Luxury Daily Webinar 2

The webinar centered around the emerging, affluent home buyer’s desire for modern design and smart-home connectivity. Panelists were challenged to answer questions on how to cater to the emerging affluent consumer in the evolving luxury industry.

  • What factors are driving property sales in key affluent markets worldwide?
  • What do consumers want to see in their home furnishings that should inform manufacturers, marketers and service providers in their current and future offerings?
  • What role is technology, ecommerce and social media playing in informing home and furnishings’ tastes and shaping behavior across all generations?
  • Best-practice tips for marketers to tap into the zeitgeist while also retaining their core values as they meet home and furnishing market demands
JennAir Brand’s Jon Hall Commands Luxury Daily Webinar 3

“This webinar was a prime opportunity to showcase how JennAir’s approach to brand and product, as well as our marketing strategy, are custom built to reach our modern luxe consumer, a target we have studied obsessively,” said Jon Hall, product and brand marketing director, JennAir. “We will continue to bring the brand’s progressive spirit to the forefront of the category by zeroing in on other similar thought leadership opportunities in the future.”

As discussed on the panel, today’s emerging affluent consumer, what JennAir has deemed “the new modern luxe discerning indulger” consumer, is the bullseye target. Through extensive research, JennAir has tapped into this target’s psyche: what’s motivating them, driving their decisions and igniting buzz. Fueled by these insights, JennAir launched its mission to tear down old luxury and reimagine a new vision of luxury with its Bound By Nothing™ ethos and product transformation in March 2018.

It’s no surprise JennAir was the leading voice on a panel about driving the category forward — progress is in the brand’s DNA.

All who wish to watch the webinar can view it here: