Indesit Booth at Eurocucina 2018

At EuroCucina, held from April 17-22 2018 in Milan, Indesit will be presenting a range of “life proof” kitchen appliances designed for busy, modern families that share the daily chores – all under the theme of its digitally-led #DoItTogether campaign, which aims to promote better gender equality and to involve all family members in the housework duties. Indesit’s products have been created to make it easier for everyone in the family to get involved. Indesit’s EuroCucina stand will provide interactive experiences and product demonstrations that show how practical and user-friendly designs ensure that you don’t need to learn how to work an appliance in order to get brilliant results. There’s even a special kids area for visiting families, with interactive fun and some special healthy treats to discover.

Yet simplicity and great value should never mean compromising on great looks: Indesit will present Aria – its complete built-in suite of cooking appliances which combines stylishly coordinated Italian design with the essential features that modern families desire. The Aria range includes a built-in oven, microwave, induction and gas cooktops, as well as elegant hoods. Indesit is also launching a new 45cm dishwasher that offers remarkable everyday convenience thanks to its new Push&Go feature.

Experience ARIA – Harmony for Every Home

Indesit Aria suite at EuroCucina 2018

“With distinctive, perfectly aligned and matching designs, Indesit’s suite of built-in appliances has been created to bring harmony to any kitchen,” said Diego Perrone, Product Director Cooking EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). “Alongside beautiful looks, they focus on delivering assured reliability, practical features and truly accessible user-friendliness to help busy families where everyone takes a turn. At EuroCucina we are showing how these qualities can help families save time during every stage of their daily interaction with food – from simpler, more pleasurable cooking, to appliances that are easier to keep clean.”

The Aria built-in oven epitomizes this focus on everyday ease of use. It offers an innovative Turn&Cook feature that lets you cook over 80 everyday recipes in just one hour and with just one turn. With the turn of a dial, Turn&Cook takes the stress out of everyday cooking and helps to make preparing meals nearly effortless by selecting the right program, temperature and timings for perfect cooking results. Visitors to EuroCucina can discover this brilliantly simple user experience for themselves and see how ease of use is further enhanced by the large, clear digital display.

Even finding new inspiration is made easier thanks to Indesit’s fun and clever Turn&Cook app. Using innovative image recognition technology, the app lets you discover new ways to cook ingredients, by using your smartphone or tablet camera to automatically identify foods and suggest ideas. Frame the ingredients with the camera, and then turn your device 90º to see a selection of recipes. Fast and simple, the Turn&Cook app helps you get the very best out of your oven by recommending recipes designed just for your appliance, providing the perfect settings and timings to make cooking delicious meals supremely easy.

The wonderful simplicity of the Turn&Cook concept is celebrated at EuroCucina with a fun treat: the special Turn&Cook dispenser provides apple pies with just a twist of a dial, illustrating the joy that comes when everyday tasks are fun and more intuitive.

Busy, modern families will also appreciate features on the Aria oven that make the cooking process itself much easier and more convenient. It offers a fast five-minute preheat time, and features a FullSurfaceGrill that ensures more consistent and even grilling. Keeping your oven tidy and hygienic is also made hassle-free, thanks to its exclusive Click&Clean door system, which lets you simply click off the inner door glass. The oven also features a specially-treated enamelled cavity that can be cleaned without effort or detergent with a fast, efficient, and eco-friendly cycle.

Indesit Aria Microwave Oven at Eurocucina 2018

Designed to allow for perfect horizontal and vertical alignment with the oven, Aria built-in microwaves are available in a choice of three sizes to help fit into virtually any kitchen design – even when space is limited. There is a compact 22-litre model to fit into upper cabinets, a large 31-litre capacity microwave designed to occupy a space of just 38cm, and a spacious 40-litre model made for a standard 45cm niche. The microwaves feature Indesit’s DoublePowerWave system, which distributes microwaves more precisely from two different entry points within the oven for faster cooking while avoiding the risk of overheating the food. Indesit’s Turn&Cook app also brings creative cooking inspiration to Aria microwaves too, with 40 delicious recipes to wow your family.

The Aria suite includes a choice of induction and gas cooktops. The easy to clean induction cooktops are exceptionally practical in everyday cooking, with a DualZone option that offers two cooking zones that can be combined, while models with the even more flexible MaxiCook area let users cook with larger dishes of up to 28cm – perfect for those big family meals. Indesit also offers the option of a high-performance gas cooktop with HighPowerFlame for faster cooking. To complete the Aria cooking suite, the Indesit hoods offer a highly efficient way to remove odours, smoke and moisture, with vertical designs that optimize working space and bright, integrated LED lighting.

New 45CM Dishwasher – Cleaned and dried dishes with just one push

Indesit 45cm dishwasher at Eurocucina 2018

Indesit is launching a new 45cm dishwasher at EuroCucina that offers a compact everyday solution for truly effortless cleaning. It features Push&Go, a new daily cycle that makes dishwashing a simpler, faster and fuss-free operation.

With the Push&Go button, a single press is all that is required to start the program. Today’s consumers prefer faster cycles but are also often reluctant to even use a dishwasher for smaller loads. With Push&Go, Indesit addresses both needs by creating a dedicated cycle that offers dependable cleaning without pre-washing and that takes less time than a standard cycle at just 85 minutes. As well as excellent practicality, the new 45cm dishwasher offers a great choice for those seeking a solution for smaller kitchens.

It’s time to #DoItTogether

Over the course of the past year, the digitally-lead Indesit’s #DoItTogether campaign has raised awareness of the gender imbalance in domestic chores, where on average women spend twice as much time on housework than their partners

i. Backed by Indesit’s ongoing commitment to creating easy to use, family-friendly appliances, the project involved a range of compelling activities across social media that aimed to get families thinking about how they share the chores and the steps they could take to make a change.

Visit Indesit at Eurocucina 2018

For hands on demonstrations of new products and innovations, visit Indesit at the Whirlpool Corporation EuroCucina booth (A11-A15-B14-B18). EuroCucina 2018 is held from April 17-22 2018 at the Milan Fairgrounds, Milan, Italy.