Hotpoint Active Tumble Dryers

Your clothes can say a lot about you, as they express your style, taste and personality. Favourite garments can even feel like a part of who we are, so it’s not surprising that many of us worry about using our tumble dryer for our extra special clothes. However, with Hotpoint’s new range of Active Tumble Dryers, you can rest assured that your clothes are in good hands; with innovative ActiveCare technology, they deliver the ultimate drying performance with maximum care. ActiveCare reduces fabric wear by up to 40%1 through precise temperature control and the Anti-Stress drum movements to treat your clothes with just as much love and respect as you do. The Hotpoint Active Tumble Dryer also takes the stress out of everyday life with helpful features like an AutoCleaning condenser filter, a Speed+ option to accelerate the drying process and a dedicated cycle to make ironing easier.

Hotpoint Active Tumble DryersGentle Drying with ActiveCare
Thanks to its innovative and patented ActiveCare technology, the new Hotpoint tumble dryer reduces fabric wearing out by minimizing the stress on fibres, so that you can enjoy your precious clothes for longer. By the end of the drying cycle, garment fibres usually lose the film of moisture that protects them from friction. The Active Tumble Dryer, however, automatically adjusts the movement of the drum to anticipate and reduce chafing and damage. The Anti-Stress drum movements start as fabric fibres become more exposed. At the same time, precision control of the temperature ensures a consistent level of heat that’s gentle on the fibres. With less chafing, garments are dried perfectly.

Stress-Free Laundry Care
The new Active Tumble Dryer offers a combination of great performance and practical features that makes everyday laundry care simpler and stress-free. When life gets busy, the Speed+ option lets you choose to speed up a cycle when you want. This can reduce drying time by up to 25%2 without compromising on results. The top-of-the-range Active Tumble Dryers – which have an A+++ energy efficiency rating – include Hybrid Technology that uses an additional heater to further heat air entering the drum to expedite the drying process. While models in A+++-10%3 use the high performance variable speed compressor to speed up the rate of water condensation to reduce drying time. Even when clothes are already dry, the new Active Tumble Dryer can provide a helping hand by making clothes easier to iron. Its dedicated Pre-Iron cycle is a short 20-minute treatment that uses warm air to relax fibres and gently reduce wrinkles and creases on already-dried garments, making ironing a breeze.

Hotpoint Active Tumble DryersAutoCleaning Condenser Filter
When you use your tumble dryer frequently, cleaning the filters can become quite a nuisance. Hotpoint’s new tumble dryer takes on this task for you, saving you time; its recirculation system uses the condensed water collected during the drying cycle to clean lint from the bottom filter of the dryer. As a result, only the door filter needs cleaning – a process that is quick and easy, thanks to the AutoCleaning system.

Special Cycles for Special Care
Models in the new Active Tumble Dryer range also provide special cycles to make it easier to care for both delicate fabrics and for those in your family with sensitive skin. The Wool cycle makes it possible to use your tumble dryer for even woollen garments that are labelled “hand wash”. The cycle minimizes chafing and felting of fibres and has been independently tested and endorsed by the Woolmark Company, receiving the “Woolmark Blue” certification. Its Anti-Allergy cycle is endorsed by independent institute, the British Allergy Foundation, and uses constant high temperatures to neutralize the most common allergens trapped within clothes, removing 99% of house dust mites.

Contemporary Design for a Truly Modern Experience
The new Active Tumble Dryer is a beautiful addition to your home, thanks to Hotpoint’s elegant contemporary design. Premium models in the range feature ultra-clear user interfaces with large LCD touch displays, wide and easy-to-load doors with sleek dark glass and elegant chromed control knobs.

Ease of use is ensured by the intuitive onscreen interface and direct access to ActiveCare option via a dedicated button. The experience can be made even simpler through Hotpoint Home Net app, which offers tips and guidance for perfect laundry care and allows you to control and monitor your appliance remotely via your smartphone or tablet.

1 Up to 40% based on Jeans program without ActiveCare.
2 Result obtained with a full load cotton cycle vs the same cycle without Speed+ option activated, on a A+++ 9kg machine. Available on eco cotton, duvet, jeans, shirts and bed&bath cycles.
3 It consumes 10% less energy than the maximum allowed in A+++ class.