news-vessi-03Less than two years ago, five Whirlpool Corporation employees pitched an idea for a revolutionary new product that would be a game-changer in home brewing – the Vessi™ Fermentor & Dispenser. The team of Tony Gates, Nick Koukourakis, Bridget Battistone, Anthony Mills, Jeff Williams, and Martin Blanc pitched the opportunity in a reality-show inspired challenge to spark innovative ideas from employees. The competition gave inventors, creators, and entrepreneurs inside Whirlpool Corporation an opportunity to pitch a business idea to senior leaders that would be reviewed and funded. Their business case for a home brewing device helped Whirlpool Corporation to explore the untapped home-brewing market.

Their idea was a standout in the employee competition, so their concept was then taken to The Garage, a Whirlpool Corporation hub for innovation. Then their innovative idea started to become a reality.

The first prototype of the Vessi™ Fermentor & Dispenser was built, and by December of 2015 the project team got a taste of success by sampling their first beer fermented and dispensed by the unit. This product is now launching in the company’s first-ever IndieGogo campaign and exemplifies the company’s entrepreneurial spirit and shows the value of listening to ideas from employees.

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