Indesit’s forward-thinking #DoItTogether campaign to promote gender equality is kicking off its third year with a new push to help families to share home responsibilities. The cross-platform campaign, which has received seven industry awards including the fields of fairness and equality, has focused on raising awareness of the inequality in housework as women continue to do the majority of household chores. Now in 2019, the campaign will take a more proactive stance to present a positive vision of how change is possible: a new advert shows a family enjoying a more collaborative lifestyle and celebrating the role of education in helping children grow up as open-minded adults, assisted by Indesit’s incredibly simple and easy to use appliances. The campaign has been live in France since May 27th and will be launched in the UK in the coming weeks.

“We are proud to be taking #DoItTogether to the next level in 2019. The campaign gained strong levels of engagement thanks to a timely, socially-relevant theme that has really captured the imagination of our audience. In this new phase we are moving from raising awareness to empowering families to make a change, showing how parents can bridge the gender gap by teaching children to be more open minded and collaborative. This concept of wider participation in household tasks has a strong resonance with the Indesit brand, which creates intuitive, easy to use, and reliable appliances that allow virtually anyone to get great results with minimal effort.” said Laura Tazzioli, Head of Marketing Indesit Brand EMEA.

In 2019 the brand will take the campaign one step further, enabling parents to bridge the gender gap by setting a good example and teaching children to participate. To make everyday tasks easier, quicker and simple enough for anyone in the family to use, Indesit has created a range of exceptional life-proof products. When perfect results are just a push of a button away, anyone can do it!

A key theme of the advert is the importance of families setting a positive example for children. It tells the story of two parents hosting their son’s grandmother for a family meal. Counter-intuitively, the mother who greets the older woman with a hug at the start is revealed to be the daughter-in-law, who expresses gratitude for how her mother-in-law has raised her husband. His actions have helped her to live a more fulfilling life. The ad shows how the couple halves the effort of preparing the meal and setting the table by working together. The couple is helped by their little boy, revealing how positive behavior is passed on to the next generation. Throughout the ad, the fast and simple operation of Indesit’s appliances further removes the effort from housework, freeing up quality time for the family to enjoy.


Indesit’s mission to create easy to use and reliable appliances that help make everyday life fuss free perfectly complements its ongoing #DoItTogether campaign for gender equality. Whether cooking, cleaning or storing food, Indesit’s user friendly designs makes its appliances easy to handle for everyone, thus enabling true collaboration.

The #DoItTogether campaign will also continue to engage audiences through social media, particularly through partnerships with influencers, as well as public relations activities with an international survey, that will aim to generate ongoing debate around equality in the home. In store promotional activity will link the campaign messages to specific product features, such as the Push&Go function implemented across the Indesit range, which preselects commonly used settings at a push of a button for simpler daily use.