Caring for our Communities

Where we work and live during COVID-19

Spectrum Lakeland Health EmployeeWe have always maintained strong connections with our communities and it’s even more important at times like these.

We embrace our responsibility to support the communities in which we operate, and the partners we work with, all of whom are facing immense pressures. By working together, we will get through this pandemic. Whirlpool is assisting our hospitals and helping feed and shelter those who need it. 

In our communities throughout the world, we are supporting organizations who are working the front lines. Some examples include:

  • Leveraging Whirlpool’s vast supply chain network to procure much needed medical supplies for our local hospitals
  • Funding for local hospitals to expand their facilities to handle the overload of patients
  • Funding research for a COVID-19 vaccine
  • Funding our local community organizations that are supporting food banks and shelters
  • Donating appliances for hospitals and their pop-up wards
  • Donating appliances to makeshift shelters
  • Supporting school lunch programs to ensure local youth are nourished although they are not at school
  • Continuing to make the appliances people need to make their stay at home easier 

This is in addition to the financial support we continue to offer to vital local programs that support the most vulnerable, like United Way, who supports local organizations that help create vibrant communities, Consulado da Mulher in Brazil supporting low-income women through the crisis, and Habitat for Humanity supporting safe and affordable housing.

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