Indesit #DoItTogether

Men, women, adults, kids – we can all do more to share out the household chores in our families. That’s the message of Indesit’s #DoItTogether campaign, and the company is launching a new competition that invites you to share how your family splits the housework. The top prize is a brilliant Indesit Innex washing machine, but even the kids can win too: Indesit has created a new series of toy washing machines – perfect miniature appliances for the littlest helpers in your home and there are 30 great toys available to win.

The competition and toys feature as part of Indesit’s exciting #DoItTogether campaign which aims to raise awareness of the gender imbalance in housework. By using a warm and light hearted language it’s a thought-provoking campaign that asks us all to take another look at an important issue: On average, female partners spend twice as much time on housework than men do.

The washing machine toy is one of the stars of a new video that will appear as part of Indesit’s online advertising and on the #DoItTogether website. In the video we see two children – one boy, one girl – playing together to load a toy washing machine with their dolls’ clothes. It fades to an adult couple, happily doing the same. The caption that follows this gentle and beautiful image is simple: “Some stereotypes are hard to wash away – let’s start early”.

The competition will be promoted via Indesit’s website and on the special #DoItTogether site. As part of the campaign, Indesit is inviting members of the public to participate in a survey on how their families share household tasks and those taking part will also be invited to enter. From any of these places, it is simple to enter: Just click into the competition landing page, register your details or log in with your Facebook account. Then share a sentence about how you share the chores in your house – but there’s a fun twist. Indesit has created a set of stickers – emoji style images to describe everyday tasks. Make your message with words and stickers, hit submit and you’ll be entered into the prize drawer to win a washing machine or one of 30 super cute Indesit toy washers!

“DoItTogether is about equality but it’s also about living a better, happier life. Life’s chores can be made less of a burden – and even rewarding – when we help each other,” explains Matteo Frattino, Head of Marketing Brand Indesit EMEA. “We can all do more to share more, and a big part of this is setting a positive example to our children. But they can also teach us a lesson. When kids play, they love to pretend to be like grown ups but they don’t imagine any part of life as being off-limits or for others. I think that’s something we can all hold onto better as grown-ups!”