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Survey Conducted on behalf of Gladiator® Offers Insights on How Homeowners View their Organizational Habits and Interests 

When it comes to areas of the home that strike fear in those seeking organization, more than half of Americans surveyed shudder at the clutter that lurks in their garage. This startling fact is just one of many findings uncovered from a recent study conducted on behalf of Gladiator® by Kelton Global*.

More than 3,000 individuals were surveyed nationwide in order to learn more about two specific areas: The organizational trends and habits of Americans as well as how respondents view their passions as part of their everyday lives.

Happiness and Hobbies

Hobbies are key in helping maintain happiness for Americans. In fact, over half of Americans (59 percent) say that engaging in their favorite activities help to relieve stress. More importantly, nearly half of Americans (41 percent) feel their hobbies are an important aspect of their overall happiness. The survey demonstrated that hobbies play a critical role in helping maintain people’s happiness. However, of those surveyed, a large majority (86 percent) said that other things stop them from spending even more time doing what they loved.

Balancing Work and your Passions

The survey also revealed that employed Americans are finding it harder to balance work and their hobbies in today’s busy world. More than a third of employed Americans surveyed (35 percent) have left work early to pursue their passions. This rings particularly true with Millennials, who expressed that they are willing to make sacrifices in order to have more time pursuing their passions. One-third of Millennial respondents were willing to lose an hour of sleep every day each month in exchange for more time to participate in their favorite hobbies, while one in every six Millennials (16 percent) shared that they would be willing to give up their cell phone for a month as a means of gaining more time to devote to their passions.

Keep your Gear within Reach

Having your items within reach and ready-to-go is important in maximizing the time you have with your hobbies. Gladiator delivers innovative solutions and organization products with specific hobbies in mind. With several new Gladiator kits geared towards specific hobbies, the brand wants to free up your time to enjoy your passions.

“Your gear is more than just ‘stuff’ that takes up space. It’s an extension of who you are and what means the most to you,” said Allison Gillespie, Brand Manager for the Gladiator brand. “We want your gear to be within reach every time you are ready to hit your favorite fishing spot or take your bike out for a ride with the family.”

In addition to learning about specific hobbies and passions, Gladiator was able to find informative stats into peoples organizational habits, specifically how your space not only stores your items, but allows you to pursue your passions.

Reimagining the Garage

Aside from storage, many people are finding ways to transform their garage into a more functional area for hobbies and activities. Woodworking and carpentry, painting, exercise and sports, and crafting ranked as some of the most popular ways people are taking advantage of their garage.

Increasing Home Value Starts in the Garage

Not only does a refreshed garage offer new storage possibilities, it also can increase property value. With 75 percent of Americans believing that the garage should be an extension of the home, buyers are now placing an increased value on homes with a finished garage. In fact, 65 percent of Americans expressed that they would be willing to pay more for a new home with a storage system and cabinets already in their garage, while an overwhelming majority (85 percent) felt that when purchasing a home, a home with built-in storage systems and cabinets in the garage would impact their purchase decision-making process.

Millennials are Most Concerned About Organization 

While older generations are looking for organization in their garage, it’s millennials who are leading the charge in placing an increased emphasis on the space. More than half of millennials who were surveyed shared that they would spend more time in their garage if it were better organized, with the same amount reporting they would lounge or use their garage more often as a spare activity space if it were better organized.

Additionally, millennials shared that they are the generation most likely to have recently spent time cleaning their garage, with about half saying they’ve done so in the past three months.

While many millennials may not have the financial means to install ellaborate storage systems initially, Gladiator prides itself on offering products that can easily be added on to over time. So whether someone is searching for a shelving system for their first home or are hoping to find a way to safely store their favorite tennis racket, Gladiator has something for everyone.

As interest in maintaining an organized garage continues to grow, the Gladiator® brand provides storage options perfect for homeowners looking to start small on their organizational journey as well as for those who are looking to transform an old, cluttered space. For more details on Gladiator® products and the complete line of storage solutions, including shelving, cabinets, workbenches, and wall storage systems, visit the Gladiator website.

* Study was conducted by Kelton Global, a leading global insights research firm, between April 12-16, 2017 among 3,127 Americans ages 18+ with a margin of error of +/- 1.8