Whirlpool Corp - Air cXc

In 2016, Whirlpool Corporation launched its Air cXc program in Florida in an effort to find skilled and talented military and military family members to support its Whirlpool Customer eXperience Centers (cXc). Since then, the program has expanded across nine states: Tennessee, Kentucky, Washington, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia and Hawaii. This program has proven to benefit both employees and Whirlpool Corporation in many different ways. The flexibility and mobility of the program has helped to reduce complexity in the lives of employees, while also providing a new pipeline of high performing talent.

On this Veterans Day, the company is excited to announce a new collaboration with American Corporate Partners (ACP) as they kick off their Veteran Spouse hiring initiative in November. Whirlpool Corporation plans on expanding its Air cXc program into 2019, utilizing military base recruiting as well as the already large pipeline of candidates ACP has to offer.

For the fourth year in a row, Whirlpool Corp. was awarded as a Veteran Friendly Employer by Victory Media. Air cXc played a significant role in winning this award, alongside other Whirlpool Veteran resources. These Air cXc employees have delivered for Whirlpool Corporation, leading with their hearts while positively engaging employees and leaders.

Whirlpool Corporation is committed to our military and families. Providing flexible work schedules and understanding military family needs on a moment’s notice to allow employees to adjust schedules to meet family demands such as doctor appointments, children, relocation, and family well-being. As a military wife and a military mom, I am humbled and honored to work for such an amazing corporation that truly honors the USA – our great country; all branches of the Red, White, and Blue. God bless Whirlpool and the USA. – Rita Simon

The Air team has been so amazing for me; not only is it a group of us joining together with similar circumstances, but it’s so caring and like a family. – Meredith Snyder