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Our ESG Governance and Leadership

ESG Governance Structure

ESG Governance Structure Graphic

Task Force Composition

We believe that ESG is fundamental to our strategy and business, so we expanded our ESG Task Force to include key individuals and leaders from all functional areas to support execution of our key ESG initiatives, including members from:

  • Communications
  • Compliance
  • Environment, Health and Safety
  • Finance
  • Global Information Systems
  • Global Product Organization
  • Global Product Quality, Safety and Regulatory
  • Global Strategic Sourcing
  • Government Relations
  • Human Resources
  • Integrated Supply Chain
  • Investor Relations
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Risk Management
  • Sustainability
  • Tax
  • Treasury

A Conversation With Pam Klyn on ESG Leadership at Whirlpool

Whirlpool Corporation’s Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations and Sustainability, Pam Klyn has over two decades of global experience in engineering, product development, and marketing.

Not only are we providing products that have less impact on the environment, but consumers ultimately save money with more energy-efficient appliances, so it is a win-win for everyone!

Senior Vice President,
Corporate Relations and Sustainability

Why was it important for this role to be elevated to the Executive Committee level?

The fact that the role of leading sustainability was elevated to the Executive Committee (EC) indicates how important ESG is to Whirlpool Corporation, our Chairman and CEO, Marc Bitzer and our leadership team. Many of our ESG goals are multifaceted and cross over several functions, and by operating at this level I am able to engage and collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders, starting with our EC. Internally, our ESG strategy is ingrained within our vision, mission and values as an organization. As a result, every employee is accountable for making progress on our ESG goals. My role is to collaboratively work with all our functions to set appropriate goals, allocate the required resources and measure our progress. Externally, I actively participate in the global public policy arena to drive thoughtful and sustainable policy outcomes on a variety of issues important to our company and our industry. I also collaborate with organizations to support our local communities and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable world.

How are you leveraging your experiences to help advance Whirlpool Corp.’s sustainability efforts?

My science and engineering background provided a solid base from which I was able to quickly gain an understanding of environmental sustainability issues, while my experiences in marketing helped me to understand the importance of listening to our consumers. It is critical that we use consumer insights to create solutions that are sustainable but do not compromise on performance or quality. Our Design for Sustainability program connects product sustainability directly with our business goals by designing and building high-performance products that take less from the earth and are better for people and the planet, building on years of improved water and energy efficiency across our full product line. Not only are we providing products that have less impact on the environment, but consumers ultimately save money with more energy efficient appliances, so it is a win-win for everyone!

Achieved ~25%

GHG emissions reduction in Scopes 1 and 2
from 2021 to 2022

Where do you feel Whirlpool Corp. has made the most progress in ESG?

I am certainly proud to work at a company that has been focused on improving lives at home for 111 years. Our Enduring Values have guided us along the way and truly reflect our character and integrity as a company. Back in 1969, our CEO at the time wrote a letter to the shareholders, explaining the importance of environmental consciousness, as well as taking care of the communities where we work and live, ensuring they can thrive. Today, we continue to drive progress and make a positive impact in all aspects of ESG, including sustainable products and operations, supporting our people and doing the right thing. I’m particularly proud of the impact we’ve been able to make in our communities, such as our collaboration with United Way; our 23-year relationship with Habitat for Humanity, where we have donated over 212,800 appliances and helped nearly 1 million people and more recently built 143 climate-resilient and energy-efficient homes; Consulado da Mulher, which is in its 20th year in Brazil and has helped over 38,000 people; and, for me personally, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Southwest Michigan that have provided life-changing services for nearly 1,900 youths each year and where I am honored to serve on the board of directors.

What challenges do you face in advancing Whirlpool Corp.’s sustainability efforts?

I feel confident that we have the right projects in place to achieve the targets we’ve set out for ourselves in areas where we have direct control, such as our Net Zero emissions goal in our plants and operations (scopes 1 and 2) by 2030. It is an even bigger challenge to advance sustainability in areas where we don’t have 100% control, such as the upstream and downstream emissions included in scope 3. When consumers use our products in their homes, those emissions from water and energy are included in scope 3 category 11 and understandably represent the largest climate impact opportunity within our company. From 2005 to 2016, we achieved a 53% reduction in these emissions and continue to progress toward our SBTi-approved target of another 20% reduction by 2030 compared to 2016 levels. To reduce emissions further, we’ll continue to make innovative products that are resource efficient, work with our suppliers on more eco-efficient materials, collaborate with our trade customers in managing the end of life of the products, help our consumers use our appliances in the most efficient way and invest in renewable energy that helps improve the electrical grid.

ESG Governance Structure

1 Board of directors

Our Board is committed to overseeing the integration of ESG principles and addressing ESG risks throughout Whirlpool Corp. The Board reviews and receives updates on our sustainability strategy and key long-term ESG initiatives.

2 ceo/executive committee

Whirlpool Corp. leadership has primary ownership and responsibility for setting ESG strategic priorities throughout the organization.

3 executive committee-sponsored esg councils

Our ESG Councils are composed of Whirlpool Corp. leadership from all areas of the business, including Executive Committee members who drive our ESG strategy.

4 esg task force

ESG Task Force is responsible for planning, communication, education, prioritization and reporting around key ESG matters. ESG Task Force members oversee progress against the framework, address challenges, enhance disclosure and monitor emerging ESG trends.