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Product Quality

Whirlpool Corp.’s Journey to Premium Quality

Since 2021, we have embarked on the Premium Quality Multi-Year Journey. Quality professionals and process partners at the company have engaged in this transformation to provide that each and every employee proudly delivers the best consumer experience with every appliance, every time, everywhere. The Quality organization supports our company’s strategy through the application of integrated Quality Management Systems (QMS) and leveraging Whirlpool Corp. internal and external standards.

Our Product Quality Goals

  • Deliver the best consumer experience in every appliance, every time, and everywhere.
  • Be recognized for quality leadership through a zero-defect culture.
  • Develop Long Range Plans to deliver and sustain premium quality levels.

Whirlpool Corp. focuses on quality in many forms: whether it's in our products or our services, we strive for excellence at all touchpoints throughout the product life cycle with craftsmanship, durability, core performance, reliability, delivery, installation and service. Quality is embedded in the Whirlpool Product Development (WPD) planning cycle to ensure the voice of the consumer is heard and incorporated into product requirements. In parallel, continuous improvement tools are utilized to respond in a timely manner to address field issues at the root cause level.

Aligning to Standards of Practice

Quality Management System (QMS)

Whirlpool Product Development Process (WPD)

World Class Manufacturing (WCM)

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP/AIAG Standards)

ISO 9001: 2015

Key Achievements:

Product Quality

  • Rigorous use of Advance Product Quality Planning (APQP) to ensure differentiated quality levels in all new product launches.
  • Drive consistent Quality improvements in our Supply Chain.
  • Integrated a live Corrective and Preventative Actions tool globally for suppliers, manufacturing, and engineering.

Voice of consumers and premium quality

Whirlpool Corp.’s manufacturing facilities worldwide have been ISO certified since the early 1990s. To obtain and maintain these certifications, these facilities have demonstrated clear and concise internal processes, procedures and standards. Through a comprehensive Quality Management System and corresponding documentation, each certified facility lays the foundation to provide quality products to our consumers. Whirlpool’s Product Development (WPD) process helps ensure the voice of our consumers and quality are embedded in every launched product, while World Class Manufacturing (WCM) standards provide a premium level of quality is delivered in Whirlpool Corp.’s products and services throughout the value chain.

Many of our global manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001-2015 compliant, including most manufacturing facilities in LAR, EMEA, and Asia. For U.S. factories, we utilize the Whirlpool Quality Management System (WQMS), which complies to requirements outlined in ISO 9001:2015. We have a standardized tool as part of the Enterprise QMS called the Layered Process Audit (LPA). These audits are conducted using the process approach and applying requirements of ISO 9001:2015. All nine of our U.S. factories are internally certified under this process as of 2022.