JennAir Breaks Constraints

With Two New Design Expressions, Enhanced Digital Platform and Expanded Service Footprint, JennAir Continues its Progressive Ascent to Redefine the Category

JennAir is at it again. The kitchen appliance brand that broke away from the pack earlier this year continues to grow its progressive mission in redefining luxury. As JennAir breaks the boundaries on a once stagnant category, the brand proves that conventional luxury is dead, and the new modern luxe consumer killed it. With orders opening on the RISE™ and NOIR™ design expressions, this marks the first time a luxury kitchen appliance brand has created two new trail-blazing design expressions across two full kitchen appliance suites. The JennAir brand’s departure from convention does not stop there: with a new digital platform and expanded service footprint on the West Coast, JennAir continues to deliver on the cravings of today’s luxury consumer and their custom-built luxury lifestyle, stamping a defiant “J” across the country.

JennAir Breaks ConstraintsJennAir arrives at the WestEdge Design Fair, October 18 – 21 in Santa Monica, Calif., paving a new era of luxury for the kitchen appliance industry. Bringing to life the brand’s new Bound By Nothing™ ethos, which launched this spring at the Architectural Digest Design Show in New York, JennAir will debut its two industry-exclusive, full-portfolio design expressions side-by-side for the first time, offering a style to fit today’s luxury consumers’ demands and desires. Cutting across all new products, its website, connected app and reimagined JennAir showrooms, the new digital platform gives consumers, designers, architects, and more a transformed way to immerse themselves in the JennAir brand’s products offerings

“Burning down the tired act of conventional luxury, JennAir has chosen progressive design and personalization to meet the new modern luxe consumers’ demand for true luxury,” said Jon Hall, product and brand marketing director, JennAir. “We listen to what they want, and we are happy to step up to the plate and deliver. Pushing the pedal of progress all the way to the floor, JennAir delivers not only on their needs, but their desires. Across our new offerings, we’re giving designers the tools to grant consumers full control of their product experiences, reducing friction and transforming the way the new modern luxe consumer experiences life in the kitchen.”

The two new design expressions, now available for order at showrooms across the country, are made for those who lead, never follow. Progressive in every detail, the RISE design expression delivers luminary brilliance and defiant beauty, inspiring designers with a suite of precise, powerful appliances, each built for consumers who are unwilling to settle for the status quo. The NOIR design expression brings together sensuality and geometry in a minimalist style, with crisp craftsmanship and intimate details demonstrating that true luxury can revel through utter defiance in progressive design. Both lines come to life across a full suite of appliances, including column refrigerators, built-in refrigerators, professional-style ranges, rangetops, wall ovens, custom cooktops, urban living offerings, dishwashers and wine centers.

“The JennAir brand relaunch includes a new overhauled digital experience that focuses on the entire consumer journey — from how they shop for our products to their interactions in our showrooms to their post-purchase experiences in the home, which are nothing short of magical” said Jason Mathew, senior director, Global IoT Strategy, Whirlpool Corporation. “According to Marketo, 79 percent of today’s U.S. consumers expect personalized experiences, so we’ve overhauled the entire consumer journey with an amplified digital and connected platform. From an all new website to a transformed app experience, we’re empowering consumers to match their personality to our design expressions, curate their own luxury kitchen combinations, and wield control of their appliances to fit their lives — even when remote. With JennAir, modern luxury consumers will experience luxury and indulgence with every interaction.”

JennAir’s new digital ecosystem reduces the friction from finding the right product and gives consumers an ease of navigation, all the way from discovery to ownership. Across the platform, key new features include:

  • Discovery of Personal Expression: Which design expression are you? Across the new website, inspirational product imagery and detailed product pages help consumers, designers and trade partners alike explore the best offerings for their custom kitchen experience.
  • Make It Yours: The first phase of the new collections will allow consumers and trade customers to save and share products and suites, with a second phase enabling them to save to their personal accounts and share with collaborators as they build their dream kitchens.
  • Product Configuration: Coming in early 2019, new product configuration tools make the complex simple by allowing users to build and personalize their product configurations, bringing to life the full product story together in one place. The tools allow users to select layout, size and design elements across the suites, as well as share the configurations with their clients and partners.
  • Influencer Hub: A new knowledge hub exclusive for designers, builders, architects, installers and service technicians enables them to fully immerse in deeper product knowledge and product resources. Personalized for each industry, users can explore products and take courses from demos to installs, arming them with the tools they crave for greater design inspiration and an elevated experience for their clients.

For owners, JennAir integrates seamlessly into their digital lives, powered by an uncompromising mobile experience to deliver the meaningful, custom interactions consumers deserve from true luxury products. New features include:

  • Remote Access & Notifications: Real-time notifications allow owners to control appliances from anywhere: connect to WiFi to preheat ovens, check cooking status, activate keep warm mode and configure oven features for recipes that are ready when you are.
  • Culinary Intelligence: The JennAir app inspires progress in the kitchen by driving the exploration of recipes. The app includes personalized cooking algorithms to deliver highly customized results for every step of the food experience, from discovery and prep to beautifully crafted meals.
  • One-Touch Access to Service: With connectivity spanning throughout the kitchen and JennAir appliances, the future of appliance reliability is undeniably digital. Via the JennAir digital platform, owners can directly access the JennAir Epicenter with a single touch, tapping into the brilliant minds of JennAir’s support staff who know the appliances inside and out.
  • Appliance Usage Reporting: Month to month, users will receive insights on their appliance usage with custom reports digitally in their inbox, and in 2019 via the app or ownership center, infused with personal data and inspiration to fuel progress in the kitchen through their JennAir products. With content intended to drive progress through deeper utilization of product features, Appliance Usage Reporting provides the status of all appliances across various data touchpoints and can help identify issues early. Further driving a personalized experience and building inspiration in the kitchen, Appliance Usage Reporting gives connected owners the tools and resources to help take friction out of the meal coordination process and own the full kitchen experience.
  • Smart Integration: Tap, swipe or use voice commands with an Alexa-enabled device or Google Assistant enabled device like Google Home for a fluid experience. Simple voice commands do everything, from adjusting cooking times to turning the oven off, while the Nest Learning Thermostat® reacts to rising cooking temperatures, adjusting the room climate to create your ideal environment.
  • Auto Reorder: Automatically order dishwashing supplies when you’re running low by syncing your JennAir® app with your Amazon account. The dishwasher estimates the amount you have left and targets the right time to order necessities like detergent3.

To complete the owner experience, JennAir is expanding its service prowess, bringing the Dedicated JennAir Service network, comprised of specialists thoroughly trained on all aspects of JennAir appliances and owner support, to six new markets nationwide. Last year, JennAir kicked off phase one of its expansion in Miami, New York City, New Jersey and Houston. This October, the expansion moves into its second phase as the network expands to Boston, Baltimore/Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago and San Francisco. Phase three of the expansion, kicking off in 2019, aims to achieve near-national coverage, ensuring today’s modern luxe consumers’ needs and demands are met with the expertise they deserve.

To learn more about the new products, platforms and where to find them, visit us at the new or on social at @JennAir on Instagram and Twitter and and

About JennAir
Defying physics with the invention of downdraft ventilation, Lou Jenn forged the path to an open concept and changed the kitchen forever. Founded in that progressive spirit, JennAir fearlessly carries his torch forward as champions of the design community and the industry at large. Hell-bent on burning down the tired conventions of luxury, JennAir crafts distinctive luxury kitchen appliances that push form and function to transform spaces. With exceptional performance, masterful execution and provocative design, JennAir offerings are powerful, yet bespoke to individual tastes, shattering norms to deliver the progress that today’s luxury consumer deserves. To speak with a badass call agent at the JennAir Epicenter or learn more about the new offerings from JennAir, please visit or join us on,, and

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