Purposeful Innovation

Empowering our talented workforce; creating competitive advantage

At Whirlpool Corporation, our people have always been our greatest asset and our ultimate differentiator. Our People Excellence strategy unleashes individual and collective talents, inspires a winning culture and creates a competitive advantage for our company that delivers well beyond expectations. We have assembled a global team of great people that reflects our diverse consumer base and possesses the right skills to help us succeed in the marketplace. And we have built a winning culture, where every employee feels empowered to do their best work — with the most efficient tools and technologies available as well as the most effective methods of collaboration and outside-of-the-box thinking. We are motivated to win and inspired to deliver extraordinary results. That’s commitment that goes beyond a job description; it’s the essence of our DNA.

Our global team of employees is the determining factor in whether we succeed. That’s why we’re proud of our top-quartile 2013 engagement score, which reached an all-time high level among employees. Our first engagement survey took place 11 years ago, and we have maintained or increased overall engagement every year since.

The survey and its results are important to us — because the more we learn about our employees’ connection to our company and commitment to our strategy, the more we are able to make this an even greater place to work. Whether it’s strategy sessions, leader discussion forums or product showcases, we are bringing our business objectives to life and empowering our people to achieve exceptional results.

When it comes to professional development, it’s not just for employees who are beginning their careers. Our unique Whirlpool University (WU) global training framework offers hundreds of learning opportunities for people new to Whirlpool, new to leading people and for people who simply want to learn something new. WU courses are aligned to our business and provide crucial knowledge and skills to help employees be successful. We are also focused on growing our next generation of leaders through our company-wide Leadership Development Program and local groups like Whirlpool Leaders in the United States and School of Leaders in Latin America.

At Whirlpool, we are a company of high-performing teams that work together to bring the very best products and services to our consumers. In everything we do, we are guided by our enduring values of Respect, Integrity, Diversity and Inclusion, Teamwork, and a Spirit of Winning. And we are committed to reaching extraordinary levels of performance that build on our company’s rich legacy and create outstanding results for all of our stakeholders.

At Whirlpool, we foster collaboration in the workplace because we recognize the value each employee brings to the table. Our winning tools, environment and culture allow our employees to become more efficient, further engaged and produce winning results — for themselves, the company and our consumers.