JennAir Shatters the Ceiling on Stale Conventions of Luxury, Delivering Seemingly Limitless Possibilities for New Modern Luxe Consumer

Completely Bespoke and Uniquely Tailored Designs Amplified By Enhanced Digital Platforms Offer the Ultimate in Customized Experiences for Every Luxury Consumer Demand and Desire Breaking the mold, JennAir continues to blaze a path forward to shatter bland industry...

JennAir Casts Quiet Spell to Redefine New Standards of Luxury

With the Quietest Luxury Kitchen Suite in Its Class, JennAir Breaks Away from Noise of Old Luxe JennAir today launched a charge against a stalwart of old luxury. Gone are the days of humming, buzzing, disruptive luxury appliances — and the constant, in-your-face noise...

JennAir Breaks from Constraints of Conventional Luxury, Delivering New Experiences for Modern Luxe Consumers

With Two New Design Expressions, Enhanced Digital Platform and Expanded Service Footprint, JennAir Continues its Progressive Ascent to Redefine the Category JennAir is at it again. The kitchen appliance brand that broke away from the pack earlier this year continues...

KitchenAid Launches New Global Campaign

KITCHENAID® CELEBRATES MAKERS AND THEIR “MARKS” Brand Redefines What It Means To Be A Maker in New Campaign Throughout its almost 100-year history, KitchenAid has found its home in the kitchens of passionate cooks and creators, brewers and bakers who use their tools...

Places that Matter  – Clyde

Clyde, Ohio: A Small Town Full of Big Hearts Winesburg, Ohio: A Group of Tales of Ohio Small-Town Life is a 1919 series of short stories written by American author Sherwood Anderson. The series is set in a fictional town loosely based on the author’s...


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