Whirlpool Supreme Care Washing Machine

Whirlpool’s Supreme Care washing machine is powered by ZEN Technology that minimizes noise and vibrations to offer maximum silence so you can freely use the washing machine at any time during the day or night. This market-leading performance is achieved by a suite of sophisticated noise reduction solutions that includes the ultra quiet ZenMotor, which is so reliable it has a 20-years warranty. The Supreme Care washing machine range can also be equipped with the brilliantly intuitive 6TH SENSE AutoDose technology, which ensures that getting clothes perfectly clean has never been so stress-free: 6TH SENSE AutoDose means that you don’t have to add detergent for up to 20 cycles2, automatically dispensing the exact amount needed for the ultimate washing performance.

Zen Technology – Quiet by design
Whirlpool’s Zen Technology ensures that Supreme Care washing machines always operate with very quiet performance, and can thus be run day or night without disturbing the peace of your home. During the wash cycle it produces only 48 dba, which astonishingly only rises to 66 dba during the spinning stage2.

Zen Technology combines three solutions to minimize noise levels – the Zen Motor, Zen Design and effective Sound Management features. Quieter performance starts with Whirlpool’s exceptional direct drive Zen Motor – a very quiet brushless motor which delivers outstanding washing performance with minimal vibrations. But this alone is not enough: The motor is complemented by Zen Design – a meticulous engineering process used to build the appliance from the ground up to minimize noise. This includes a body structure formed as a single piece to reduce vibrations as well as specially designed side panels. Finally, throughout the appliance, numerous Sound Management techniques have been used to damp vibrations and insulate noise.

Whirlpool Supreme Care Washing Machine Advanced motor performance that’s guaranteed for life
As well as offering breakthrough low noise levels, Whirlpool’s direct drive Zen Motor is incredibly reliable, ensuring that you can enjoy its exceptional whisper quiet performance year after year. It comes with an incredible 20-years warranty.

6TH SENSE AutoDose refills for you to ensure exceptional results
For supreme convenience, 6TH SENSE AutoDose technology ensures that you don’t need to refill the dispenser for every single washing cycle – you can fill it once for up to 20 perfect washes3! Unlike traditional manual dosing, where up to one third of users admit to dosing by eye and end up wasting detergent3, Whirlpool’s intuitive 6TH SENSE AutoDose technology automatically doses the right amount of detergent and softener. The technology precisely tailors these quantities according to the size and type of load, the degree of soiling, the hardness of the water and the concentration of the detergent, so achieving perfect washing results becomes effortless.

By preventing too much or too little detergent being used, you can trust your washing machine to deliver the ultimate washing performance while avoiding waste. This efficient solution automatically takes care of dosing detergent for up to 20 cycles between refills5. And when you do have to add more, it’s simple and fuss-free to refill the dispenser chambers. These include a larger 600ml chamber that can be used for your more frequently used detergent (for example, for washing colour garments) and a 400ml chamber for either detergent or softener.

The Supreme Care washing machines makes 6TH SENSE AutoDose technology available for the first time on 8 and 9kg capacity appliances in the range, as well as the 10kg and 12kg models.

Precision Clean for uncompromised washing and rinsing performance
Supreme Care washing machines feature Precision Clean, a powerful, effective solution that uses less energy and water to deliver outstanding washing results. The system also offers the best possible rinsing performance to fully remove soap residues.

Precision Clean is designed to reinvent the washing cycle. It enables the machine to spray water directly into the laundry instead of filling water into the tub. This technology can operate during the entire washing cycle in order to obtain the most efficient water consumption and consequent reduction of energy use.

Care for your fabrics with SoftMove
The new Supreme Care washing machine features Whirlpool’s advanced SoftMove technology to deliver exceptional care for even the most delicate fabrics. SoftMove adapts the drum motion by using an exclusive set of specific movements that are tailored to each type of fabric. From the initial water intake to the final spin, the system employs up to six tailored drum movements during each washing phase. This precision technology protects the colour and shape of clothes while delivering outstanding washing results.

SoftMove also enables Whirlpool’s Colours 15º cycle, which uniquely adds fabric softener during the prewash stage to shield fibres and prevent colours from fading and bleeding. Even at 15°C, the effective action of the SoftMove system helps to ensure the same performance as a 40°C wash program.6

Enjoy a more intuitive, connected experience with 6TH SENSE Live technology
On premium models in the range, the Supreme Care washing machine comes with advanced Internet connectivity. This makes it possible to use a smartphone or tablet to take control of your appliance via Whirlpool’s 6TH SENSE Live App – whenever you want and wherever you are. The app allows you to change product settings, set the cycle, start and stop the washing machine, check its status and even get notified when the cycle is over. Using the app offers a complementary experience to using the machine’s intuitive interface and makes tasks like cycle selection even easier through enhanced guidance and tips that make it effortless to achieve the best results. The app experience can even be tailored to you, letting you save your favorite cycles for fast access. Even maintenance and troubleshooting is made simpler by timely notifications and free on screen support to help solve problems.

1Using both tanks, totally 1000 ml, with a load amount of 5 kg (normative Cotton load according to IEC 60456 Standard), and a detergent concentration of 4X (Mid 20<ml<35)
2Noise values refer to a Supreme Care model 8 kg capacity, 1400 rpm and best insulation panel.
3Using both tanks, totally 1000 ml, with a load amount of 5 kg (normative Cotton load according to IEC 60456 Standard), and a detergent concentration of 4X (Mid 20<ml<35)
4 Source: U&A Study 2014 GFK (IT, UK, RU) – interest in new features / Nextplora 2017 – Exploring WM.
5Using both tanks, totally 1000 ml, with a load amount of 5 kg (normative Cotton load according to IEC 60456 Standard), and a detergent concentration of 4X (Mid 20<ml<35)
6 Compared to mixed cycle (40°C/59’) with half load.