Celebrating National Employee Health & Fitness Month

Stress is a factor in everyone’s lives.  news-dogWhether you have a lot of stress or a little, stress is something you need to know how to manage.  When you don’t know how to manage stress or you manage it in an unhealthy way, it can have a harmful effect on your health.

Smoking, binge or stress eating, not eating, lack of exercise, high blood pressure, etc. the list can go on and on of the things we do or that happen to our bodies when we are under stress.  Below are some helpful tips to manage your stress, in order to stay focused to achieve your future goals.

  • Relax.  Give yourself permission to relax and do something that you find peaceful.  Such things may be: reading a book, work on a hobby, or just asking for some time alone.
  • Practice relaxation techniques.  Some relaxation techniques to try are: deep breathing, meditation, yoga, massage therapy, and mindfulness (go to YouTube and search “mindfulness based stress reduction” – founder Jon Kabat-Zinn)
  • Get some physical activity.  Exercising can help relieve stress in tense muscles.  Try going for a walk, lifting weights, gardening, going for a bike ride, swimming, etc.  I can almost hear it now, “I feel so much better after that swim!”
  • Take good care of yourself.  Eating good, whole foods; limiting alcohol and caffeine, and getting enough restful sleep is a way to set a good foundation to ward off stress from the “get-go”.

news-groceriesWhether you trying to quit smoking, lose weight, improve your relationships, or just be a better person in general these few things can help you stay healthy and happy.  What are some ways or techniques you have found that work to help reduce the stress in your life?

Contributed by HealthWorks Health Coach, Linda Stechschulte

Reference: (www.mentalhealthamerica.net)