Class 2B at Pisani Dossi Primary School in Albairate (Milan) and class 5A at Villa Strada Primary School in Cingoli (Macerata) are the winning classes in the 1st Moments not to be Wasted, an educational contest that closed the project promoted by Whirlpool Corporation to raise the new generations’ awareness of the social and environmental value of food and the campaign against food waste.

The Pisani Dossi class won the competition between Lombardy schools with their staging of The intelligent fridge”, in which the protagonist is an innovative and technologically advanced fridge that warns users when food is past its best-before date thanks to an optical reader (for reading/recording dates) and a talking computer. The Villa Strada class, on the other hand, who won the competition in Le Marche, created a “Zero Waste Recipe Book” in the form of a stop-motion cartoon. Their project included all the animation materials: the main characters in the short film, a presentation poster and the audio track of the theme song.

Whirlpool also gave prizes to class 3A at Sant’Agostino Primary School in Casciago (Varese), 4A and 4B at Rosmini Primary School in Bergamo, 4TP at Salvo D’Acquisto Primary School in Camerino (Macerata) and 5TP and 2A at Via della Repubblica Primary School in Offida (Ascoli Piceno) for their projects. The Company will make cash donation to the winning schools for purchase of needed equipment.

Over 550 primary schools in Lombardy and Le Marche took part in “Moments not to be Wasted”, totalling 180,000 people (students, teacher and families). Over 760 deliverables from over 340 classes were submitted to the co-ordination centre and admitted to the educational competition “Talent Kitchen. Stories of kitchens that don’t waste”.

The edutainment programme included the distribution of a kit for primary schools in Lombardy and Le Marche that had asked for it and a series of readings, workshops, research and other activities, in class and at home, covering a range of subjects and themes. The project focused on three main thematic areas: intelligent food purchasing, correct food preservation and responsible and fair consumption.

The winners were selected by a panel of experts from various professions who assessed the projects in terms of relevance to the theme and its educational message, creative presentation and originality. The jury members were Nicoletta Martinelli, chief editor at Popotus, folio of Avvenire dedicated to primary schools pupils, Vania Zadro, a teacher at Einaudi-Pascoli Comprehensive in Milan, Sofia Maroudia, Chief Operating Officer, ActionAid Italia, Teresa Vitale, Project Leader, Whirlpool Global Food Institute, and Alessandro Magnoni, Senior Director Communications and Government Relations, Whirlpool EMEA.

“The awareness raising programme we called Moments not to be Wasted is part of our social responsibility strategy, under which we’re engaged on various fronts in the communities where we operate. Whirlpool is well aware of its role as a promoter of virtuous lines of behaviour in the areas it operates in,” said Alessandro Magnoni, Senior Director Communications and Government Relations, Whirlpool EMEA. “We were very impressed by the quality and number of projects submitted, showing that the classes had understood and were highly enthusiastic about the theme of fighting food waste. As a corporation, we’re committed to intelligent food consumption through both use of our products and technologies and sustainability and social responsibility projects.”

The “Moments not to be Wasted” project, which also entails a donation to ActionAid Italia in support of its projects fighting hunger, poverty and social inequality, is in line with Whirlpool EMEA’s new CSR strategy, which works on three fronts: access to food/food safety & responsible consumption, housing and the promotion of employability for the young.