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Whirlpool Corporation stands up against unlawful trade practices that cause harm to the appliance industry, our employees and consumers. Our workers believe competition is healthy. It breeds innovation, and it’s the American way. Whirlpool has succeeded for more than 100 years through lawful competition. But it’s not competing when foreign manufacturers dump their products in our market, undercutting the products made in the U.S.—it’s cheating, pure and simple.

The U.S. government completed a fair trade investigation In January 2013, with rulings that supported U.S. workers and consumers, signaling a victory for the American washer industry. The U.S. International Trade Commission unanimously ruled that washing machines built in Mexico and South Korea had been sold in the U.S. at unfairly low prices and should be subject to tariffs. This followed a December 2012 finding by the U.S. Department of Commerce that said washers were sold for less than fair value, and that certain foreign manufacturers received unlawful subsidies from their governments.

In January 2014, Whirlpool won another key decision in its appeal of a case intended to stop unlawful refrigerator dumping by foreign competitors in the U.S. market. The Court of International Trade agreed with Whirlpool that the U.S. International Trade Commission made significant errors in a decision involving dumped and subsidized refrigerators. As a result of the ruling, the court ordered the Trade Commission to reconsider whether the refrigerators, dumped at margins up to 15 percent, caused material injury to U.S. manufacturing.

These decisions are important strides by the government in response to the company’s actions to ensure a level competitive playing field that enables Whirlpool and other U.S. manufacturers to continue investing in America to produce the high-quality, innovative products that consumers deserve.